garden gnomes

Is it just me or did i see a pair of garden gnomes on Match of the Day over the weekend?

Before the kick-off in the West Ham v Bolton match, Eggert Magnusson presented the club’s player of the year award to Carlos Tevez. Tell me you saw it too. What a funny-looking little pair they are. Eggert – what a superbly appropriate name – has a head like an egg with sticky-out ears. I bet he really hates it when his wife calls him from the garden, ‘oh Eggy.’ He was wearing this lurid green tie with a great big footballer’s knot that looked like a 5 year old had tied it. And little Carlos. He’s a fantastic player – and deservedly their Player of the Year, even though strictly speaking he’s actually only been their player for a single match. Still let’s not split hairs even though that would be preferable to Carlos’ alice-band approach. As styles go, it didn’t even look good on David Beckham, who can wear girls’ clothes and still make women melt. So it’s unlikley to work for Carlos who must have fallen out of the ugly tree from a very high branch, poor fella. Still he must be keeeping his dentist happy – have you ever seen so many teeth in one mouth? Amazing. But you know what – he plays brilliantly, with all his heart and his smile lights up Upton Park. I know Christiano has won all the accolades this year but I reckon this guy has run him close to being the most influential player and the most committed/unselfish. Berbatov a close third – and he has a gnome’s hair style too….weird eh!

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