do we really really want a spice girl reunion?

No of course not. The world’s moved on and the Spice Girl’s have at least 7 kids between them and only one husband. They should be heading for the Trisha Goddard show rather than a world tour but that’s life under a Brown Government I guess. Is it just me or is this simply a cynical excuse to try and make a lot of money from re-hashing the back-catalogue? Everyone’s seen what a brilliant job Take That have done in re-forming. But at least those guys wrote some decent new material and brought out a new album to coincide with their tour. The timing was perfect too, exploiting the dramatic downturn in Robbie Williams’ own fortunes. Oh how Gary and the other lads must have enjoyed that having been snubbed by RW when their initial reunion was captured on film for a TV documentary. But the Spice Girls aren’t bothering – it’s just another rehashed ‘hits’ album backed by a tour. Grim….

What’s the motive for them? Victoria’s involvement mystifies me. It’s not like she needs the money is it? She must have reconciled herself to the thought that her music career was over long ago and was actually kind of moving on by trying to establish the Beckham brand in the US. It’s shallow celebrityness but it showed a degree of maturity about how to maximise their earning potential. David’s also going to have a lot on his plate with his new team/renewed England commitments. Does he want to be left at home with the kids with all the in-laws at least 13 hours away by fast jet? Er….

Mel C – she’s got an established independent singing career now. Why damage it all by going back to blabberring all that Zigga Zigga crap?

I guess the reason is that the other 3 have no established income streams and a few extra £m will keep them in the style to which they’ve become accustomed. It’ll probably enable them to have more kids with no hands-on dads too. That’s the new girl power reality I guess.

I did smile when I heard that the venue for the one and only UK concert in the ‘world tour’ has yet to be decided. Fans will first have to register their interest. Ah…the old let’s see how the ticket sales go routine. Bit sad don’t you think that they don’t have the confidence to book Wembley or the O2? How I’d love it if they ended up playing Streatham Ice rink. That’s what I really really want to see happen. Bit cruel?


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3 thoughts on “do we really really want a spice girl reunion?

  1. Hey PP,

    loving the blog! Funny you write about the Spice Girls, as was literally just watching the T4 coverage of their press conference, and came to the same conclusion. Bit desperate. this saddens me, as I do actually like the Spice Girls and all they stand for – girl power an all. You’re right though – they’ve got nothing on the TT re-launch – they should have done it first…not twelth!
    I’m thinking the old nick names are also now a bit inappropriate. do you think they’ll change them? I had a few ideas:
    still GINGER (and bonkers)
    having a BABY
    could now be described as POSH
    actually can sing & SPORTY
    What do you think?!
    Having said all of the above, I would be pleased if they surprised us all and pulled it off in style. Think I might be dissapointed though.

  2. Guys

    Can’t help thinking that it’s one reunion too many – and they look awful as a group together now. Mel B has lost her edge, Posh looks like some product of a Barbie infatuated plastic surgeon, Mel C has some cred, but doesn’t look up for it, Baby is showing her age and now wears her breasts at half mast & Ginger looks like Max factor exploded near her and she now has a more perma Orange tan that Dave Dickinson!

    Maybe the Council tax went upo in a big way in the home counties with Genesis, Paul Weller, TT & the Spice Girls all back out on the road – those neo-Georgian mansions in leafy Surrey must be costing them a bit now!


  3. well hello Mrs P and CC

    many thanks for the comments. great fun. think you’re both right abour mel b – she is scarier and whilst she’s lost some edge she is piling on the timber, blimey. No wonder she wouldn’t stand next to Victoria all day. Headlines writers would have had a field day. The Stick and the Stack and all that. Gerry’s just mad and wore a very funny dress for ther event. Like she was off to the vicar’s tea party. Baby’s certainly past her birth weight now and Mel C just looked half-hearted about it all. You sense it’s her voice and performances that will have to carry this lot live.

    you may be right S and they might just pull it off but i think most folk will look at it as a bunch of mum’s trying to look sexy and sassy and just looking like the female equivalent of dad dancers. it might make for car crash TV though. actually i can’t wait now!

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