bye bye billi

Is it just me or is this Big Brother just jam packed full of unlikable characters? I may be wrong (but doubt it) but Billi’s got to be on the way out tonight. With a name spelt like that he deserves it. I’m not a big fan of the BB series usually – it long ago stopped being an interesting social experiment and has just become a vehicle for wannabee 5 minutes of famers and this bunch are particularly unattractive. I watched the last Celebrity BB because anything with 2.5 members of the Goody family in it, had to be a train crash waiting to happen. And did it. But I was determined not to watch this series, only I’ve been strangely drawn to it. I think it’s Charley…..

What’s there to admire in the girl? She’s argumentative, listless, vain – she cannot pass a mirror without preening, she’s unintelligible – she gabbles faster than Vicky Pollard, she’s a self-confessed unemployed gold-digger and she’s a cousin of the worst player on United’s books. In short she’s the new Jane Goody who didn’t win BB but who became its biggest ‘star’. I can see Charley achieving something similar. I hope it doesn’t happen for her sake because it will also end in tears but you just can’t see this girl settling down to quiet married life with 3 kids on some housing estate in Wythenshaw. She’s going to achieve fame in the modern way by being an anti-hero(ine). None of the other people in this series will be remembered 10 minutes after the end of the show but Charley’s going to stick in the memory for being spiky and objectionable. She’d make a fabulous soap character and I just hope she enjoys her moment in the limelight before the darkness of anonymity inevitably sucks her back.


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