sven and tevez

Oh it’s a joyous day of announcements in the football mad city of Manchester. City have their shout early but United come in later with some news of their own…..

City announced today that Sven G-E is their new manager after the thai guy completes his purchase of the club. Both events could only happen at City; they become owned by some guy who’s accused of embezzling funds from his country’s coffers only to appoiont the most disappointing England manager since the current one. The new MC boardroom will find a ready welcome down at Russia FC. The parallels are uncanny and it can’t be long before SGE starts picking up the debris from down the Bridge. I’ll give it 2 weeks before Sean W-P is back. Of course because football’s a funny game; it’ll probably turn out to be the best thing they’ve ever done and SGE will be a huge success….pulling those northern girls. Can’t wait to see how the thai swede curry turns out. It’s gonna be fun because…..

Utd have signed, apparently, Carlos Tevez. I love the little ugly guy – check out my earlier blog ‘Garden Gnomes’. Don’t ask me to explain the legitimacy of it all – it looks like Utd have done a 2 year extended loan with an option to buy – just like Liverpool and Mascherano (which the Prem league endorsed so…). They’ve done their transfer budget but this is a brilliantly clever acquisition if they can pull it off. But what an acquisition, especially since Arsenal were in for him last week. Tee hee. I just can’t wait till the start of next season. Utd will have 5 guys scoring at least 15 goals each at this rate.

Still Chelsea have got some very good free transfers from Reading and Bolton, and Arsenal are buying guys who we’ve never heard of as usual. Liverpool having spent a fortune on Torres will be off-loading half their squad now (all back to Spain or France). To be fair Utd may have to get rid of some too and the news that we may be selling Richardson to Everton gives me a nice warm feeling. Spurs seem to be pushing the boat out which is great but it will put Jol under pressure from day one to deliver. Without a fast start he could be out by Xmas. Hope not though; he’s big and fat with little hair and I like that in a man.

The very good news today is that Ken Bates’ dodgy dealings over administration at dirty Leeds may be coming unstuck big time. It’s gonna end in Diana scale tears there. About time that football got its administrative act together. Especially now we’ve signed the ugly little tooth monster before any tough new rules come in. Yes I’m cynical too.


5 thoughts on “sven and tevez

  1. Hi PP

    Tevez, great player, well suited to the English game, but…… now become such a hot topic for the FA.

    If the transfer is to happen, according to the FA rules, West ham have to agree to it and recieve the fair market value (£16-20 million), and none going to his owners/agents/backers.

    As it seems, West ham have not sanctioned the move, the owners etc have done a deal, and Tevez is making statements like;

    “Through my backers, I have given my word to Mr Ferguson. They have told him I will be at Manchester United next season and once I make a promise I don’t go back on it.”

    So, picture the scene at Soho Square –

    Scenario 1 – Tevez moves on his backers say so, West Ham receive no cash, or an amount deemed to be below market value. Cue – Sheffield Utd action, FA red faces and game in disrepute.

    Scenario 2 – Tevez move falls through and he stays at West Ham. Preserves West Ham as in control of his contract, however, fans not happy and more importantly the guys who do own him take out contracts on W Ham board.

    Scenario 3 – Tevez moves to Europe on backers say so, West Ham recieve no money etc result same as option 1, however, English FA can plead innocent to earleir dealings and at least the player is no longer in their jurasdiction.

    Scenario 4 – Tevez moves to MU, money passed to W Ham, who pay an agents fee to the backers, based on appearance s etc which will resolve to most of the fee over the course of the four year deal that Tevez signs at Utd. Now the problem is with MU (who are at risk of being exposed for dealing with his backers rather than W Ham) and the FA, who still have a hot potato under their control – and support for Sheff Utd to start legal action.

    None of it looks good.

    The FA should have blocked the original move to W Ham for Tevez and Mascherano – it wasn’t like it was a secret and even the BBC felt confident to make the call about ownership in the news bulletins. Once again the FA causes its own problems and hasn’t the b*lls to sort it out.

    It will be a loss if Tevez (who nicked his neck BTW) looses out in playing for a decent PL side – especially as his mate made it to the thieves.


  2. i aqree pgob

    the Prem league’s lack of moral courage and convictions always serves them badly in the long run. I think Man u are just testing them with the argument that you allowed this kind of deal for liverpool so … I just want to see tevez at Man u but this is turning into a real mess. can you imagine if they end up in further litigation with sheff u and end up losing?


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