sven and big sam

Here’s a thought. Sven’s off to the industrial north west to the Eastlands stadium where the most exotic manager they’ve had was probably Mel Machin. I know they are owned by the Thai guy now but it all seems so incongruous for the urbane sophisticated former manager of Lazio, Benfica, Gothenburg, Sampdoria and England to end up in Gorton (my father’s p.o.b).

Conversely that embodiment of the uncouth Dudloy boy made good in’t’north, big Sam Allardyce, has ended up at the theatre of wishful thinking St James’ Park, where the level of exotica in managerhood has been taken to the ultimate by Freddy ‘for I am the’ Shepherd and thou shall not want (check out the freddy and sammy bog). Don’t you think everybody concerned here acted a little prematurely and that big Sam’s natural home is at Man City up against Sir AF in madchester (what a scrap) and that Sven ought to be at Newc Utd with the new mysterious owner, who’s also rich and inscrutable? Couldn’t the new Chairmen just agree to a swap deal never before seen in English football so that they can get on and start the new season with the managers they both deserve.



2 thoughts on “sven and big sam

  1. Hi PP

    I wholeheartedly agree that there has been a grevious mistake made in the roles now assumed by ‘Leg Over’ Sven and ‘Moon Faced’ Sam, and the blues have definitely got the wrong man for them – if only because he doesn’t have the nouse to get the right players in at the right level. The right man in Manc C should have been Hughes, then SAF would have had both of his old boys on his back this season, with Keano in the land of the Black Cat, and Sparky on his doorstep.

    The role that Fat Sam will play at the Barcodes is the same as he played at Bolton – he can get the right sort of players in i.e. mix of experienced, disaffected and the unmanagable and scare them into perfoming. Of late Newcastles problems have been around factions within the club staff vieing for superiority – can’t see that lasting for long, however, will be interesting to see if he can silence that pr*ck Shearer who always seems to be at the root of the problems but isn’t man enough to take the lead in solving them.

    The problems for the Geordies will be the fact that they won’t get Keegan or Gullett style football, they won’t get a manager with class like Robson or Dalglish, they are going to get, poor, defensive football played out by a manager who won’t face the BBC cameras on MOTD because he thinks it makes a point about the allegations over bungs. His honeymoon period will be short.


  2. hi pgob

    yep i do think sam all is going to find it tough there. they don’t seem to like percentage football – you know, never mind the quality, look at the results – that sam delivers. they’d have more patience with eriksson i suspect believing him capable of bringing in the more high profile players plus he only(!) needs to find a rampaging centre forward to please the crowd and shut shearer up.

    conversely city fans might just settle for decent results irregardless of the quality of the footie.

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