keano’s on the vino?

What’s happening at Sunderland then? I read earlier in the week that Keano won’t be making crazy signings to grab some big headlines for himself and the club just to satisfy the fans’ demands for a big name recruitment. Then I read a major feature in today’s Independent which basically says he’s not afraid of ‘spending £8m or £10m or £20m. it wouldn’t worry me’. Eh? He claims that no-one’s turned the club down but David Nugent wasn’t exactly busting a gut to leave the Championship’s perennial bridesmaids Preston to join Keane’s Premiership new boys Sunderland was he? Today Nugent signed for Portsmouth. ‘Cos they’re a lot bigger club of course. Is Keano feeling the pressure from the fans d’ya think? Maybe not, but I was very surprised to learn that he’d paid £5M for Michael Chopra tonight. £5M(!) for a player Cardiff paid Newcy Brown just £500k for a year ago, as the 4/5th choice striker at St James’, who had never looked like making his mark in the Premiership. Can someone explain the logic of that to me please? If Keano’s not on the vino; he’s guest-editing the Beano book of comical transfers. Who next Roy – your namesake from Melchester Rovers? You might need him….


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6 thoughts on “keano’s on the vino?

  1. Its your bloody Manure’s fault for hyper-inflated transfer fees – 30 mill for carlos kick-a-ball, 20 mil for a brazilian who cant even make the starting line up of their (2nd XI) Copa America team and 17 mill for nini, nono nonentity.
    If Nugent’s (scorer of 23 Championship goals last season in a decent Preston team) then Chopra with 21(?) for a crap Cardiff team is worth 5 mil. Can’d disagree on the quality of Chopra – he played twice in the LC vs Spurs and by all accounts looked crap.

    I think Nugent probably turned them down cos in all likelihood he would have back in the Championship in 12 months.

  2. ooh that’s rich for a fan of the team who’ve just spent £16m on darren bent. tevez isn’t costing £30m – they haven’t got that money. that’s the whole point about the loan deal i believe. anyway if anything’s inflated things surely it’s the tv deal money coming into the clubs. i read yesterday that even wenger’s spent or committed around £30m already on not a lot so far.

    but the only point i was making was that chopra looks mighty expensive at £5m – when you can get owen for £9m. at least nugent’s played for england (incredibly) that’s why he’s of the money. but chopra…..old peter risdale must be smiling. mind you he would have paid £10m for him and £90k per week for 10 years.

  3. Oh how we laughed! Lessons in economics from the mighty Spurs.

    Interesting view on Nani and Anderson which seems to base value on current worth (and possibly a couple of clips from YouTube?) and takes no account of future value. Think I’ll rely on SAF’s judgement (Ronaldo £12M to buy, current value £25 – £30M) which is based on needing to deliver results rather than ensure season ticket sales for a mid table team!

    Seem to remember reading bilge about £17.8M being too much for Carrick (of course it wasn’t that amount up front but basing it around the actual fee of £14M wouldn’t have been as interesting) but I guess some of the fee is being re couped from winning the premiership.

    Anyway tribal feelings apart, The real problem is that the inflationary pressures in the market have come from Chelsea despite them being quiet this year. I give you Shevchenko – 30 yrs old and £30M. Even if he’d performed like a god it’s still too much money, then SWP, Bhoularouz etc. etc.

    The only way to compare like for like is to look at what a team spends as a % of turn over. Can they sustain it commercially ( see Leeds for details on how not to do it). Now that would be an interesting league table…

  4. hi mike

    chelsea would have topped that table but a country mile in last 2/3 years. any team managed by harry redknapp second, newcastle third, boro fourth?

    what’s going on at chelsea? little spending on players, contract negotiations stalling on several key players, new guy installed to oversee mourinho. is this the most protracted sacking in football history?


  5. Of course it all started with Chelski but wot’s the point in beiing on the blog if one can’t be controversial?

    Yeah sorry – not 30 mill – just 20 mill for a loan deal – big difference, not.

    It’s all bloody funny money anyway to the likes of us who wont see in a lifetime what thickheads with athletic talent can make in a year and I’m not picking on footballers – I live in a land that pays basketball players 90 million (i know its dollars and they’re worth sweet fa) for a 4 year deal – but it’s still a huge wad of cash cos god blessed you with the ability to pass a ball with your hands or in the case of the second coming in LA 500 mill for delivering a decent cross.

  6. for sure shay.

    i see the beckhams booked out the whole of first class for their trip to the usa so that they wouldn’t get disturbed. that’s understandable – it gets pretty rowdy up there in the dear seats. for jeez’s sake. you’d worry about how their kids are going to develop, if we didn’t have enough to bother us about our own lives.


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