chris evans v the moyles v jo whiley

Is it just me or has Chris Evans really turned into a beezer radio broadcaster. I’ve been catching his drive-time programme on Radio 2 and it’s bloody good. He’s funny, interesting, lively, upbeat and has dropped that posse or zoo format, whatever they call it, with loads of so-called mates piled into the studio to create a false blokely atmosphere. It ruined his earlier spell at Radio 1 and Virgin I reckon. Having a bunch of sycophants around just seems to create misguided illusions of the presenter’s talent. On his current programme Evans drives the show single-handedly – apart from the production team and traffic/sports etc guys – and he is far better flying solo. In fact he’s a revelation, chatting to callers and seeming to be really interested.

It’s a far cry from the Moyles and his grim crew, all scared of saying anything critical of the ‘boss’ or contrary to his often extreme or unsavoury views. Evans actually comes across as friendly and warm especially with kids who call in. He’s got a really genuine empathy with them which is surprising to me. Moyles just comes across as aggressive, rude and often quite bullying – he’s in control of the mike after all. If he can take the piss out of some poor sap and score some easy jokes he’s happy. I don’t listen in a lot but I’ve rarely heard him being attentive and interested unless the caller is some apparent babe. Typically he’s pretty fawning with his celebrity studio guests as I’ve commented before (see the mucles and the moyles) even when they deserve to have their pomposity pricked. He’s not so tough then. And yet there’s a sensitivity to criticism too which strikes me as really insecure.

This destructiveness in his approach is in contract to many of his colleagues. I don’t think Moyles contributes anything in a musical sense to his craft. Some DJs attract praise (and maybe even their appointment) for their advocacy of certain musical genres or bands. John Peel was the arch example I guess. He was loved because he was always pushing the music not himself I fancy. I’ve come to like Jo Whiley a lot. She has an easy style and yet her knowledge is becoming encyclopaedic. But most of all I like the Live Lounge concept she and her team have developed. Some great music has been created in consequence. She’s a positive force, encouraging, pushing, providing a platform for creativity. None of these words apply to the Moyles. Why can’t he drop the zoo, live on his wits (not crits and shits) and stand for something musically? He’s got the ability I’m sure bit I just sense he wouldn’t be arsed. Surprise me Qwerty o8.


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