tevez – sorted

No it’s not a news item I’m afraid. This story just rumbles on but I think I’ve got a solution if anyone’s interested. The problem is this:

– Tevez wants to leave West Ham and would be very happy moving to Man U.

– West Ham always knew it would end like this and presumably would be happy to see the back of him.

– Man U are negotiating with KJ the guy who actually seems to own Tevez’s economic rights.

– However West Ham promised the Prem League at an earlier hearing that they had resolved the issue over the players’ rights and although they didn’t present the evidence as such the impression was left that they owned the economic rights to Tevez and Mascherano.

– Because of this the PL sanctioned the loan move of Mascherano to Liverpool and allowed Tevez to play on for the final 3 matches of the season, in which he played a blinder and effectively won the last 3 games for WH, relegating Sheff Utd in the process.

– Now the Prem L are saying Man U have to deal with West Ham over the transfer even though every knows West Ham aren’t really in a position to do so. The PL are stuck; they can’t sanction the transfer as it stands as it would enable Sheff Utd to sue them for erroneously allowing Tevez to play on for West Ham. Likely damages £50M.

– If Man U pay West Ham a transfer fee KJ will sue West Ham for the loss of his economic rights. Likely damages £30M

– If Man U pay KJ the fee, the Prem League will charge Man U with tapping up the player and fine them punitively, poss £5 – 10M plus they don’t get Tevez.

So impasse and this week they’ll all toddle off to FIFA for resolution. Here’s a thought to resolve this quickly which depends on all the parties shaking hands discreetly of course.

– Man U pay West Ham the fee they’d negotiated with KJ to keep the PL happy. West Ham accepting the fact they weren’t expecting a fee pay KJ a ‘facility/consultancy’ fee for effecting the deal. It happens to be equal to the amount Man U paid them for the player less £1m for their troubles. KJ ends up with the same amount of money less a little bit (but better that than paying out for exorbitant legal fees). Man U get Tevez. PL are satisfied because Sheff U cannot sue. FIFA are happy because they don’t have to get involved.

Looks to me like a plan that might work. If all parties want to let me have a small consultancy for saving them huge amounts of time and litigation costs please get in touch. A 10 Q


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