‘TRANSFERRERS’ starring keano

I reckon this is better than the latest Hollywood blockbuster – Roy Keane’s first spell at the transfer window. He’s made some lulu signings so far, probably paying a little over the odds but who cares eh! I guess everyone’s been given around £25m to ‘buy’ Premiership survival and Keano’s not been afraid to plough his way through it. He’s also been talking a lot to the press about what he will and won’t do in the window. Today he’s had a double dose of media interest. Firstly he was in the press this morning saying how disappointed he was that a) certain players were being offhand and that one target had failed to return his call and b) fellow managers had disappointed him by blabbing about him making enquiries of their players. I guess the other managers are talking up the price of their available players. Keano doesn’t like that it seems. It’s a big boy’s world out there Roy. Secondly, he’s got the spending bug again and apparently offered £9m for a Scottish goalie (Hearts’ Craig Gordon) which a) must be a world’s first and b) has been rejected. Blimey he must be good. Never a dull day at the Stadium of Light. It’s almost better than watching Harry Rednapp’s transfer activity.


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2 thoughts on “‘TRANSFERRERS’ starring keano

  1. Imagine the persperation beads if you’ve just “sold” your Edinburgh house to Craig Gordon at an agreed price of £1.75m then you pick up the papers every day to read that he’s on the move down south. Panic sets in for sure as you try and bring the entry date forward and to conclude the deal you even buy his house off him for £250k. Now that’s a proper mortgage!

  2. hi alan

    isn’t that the nightmare scenario for a scotsman to see £1.75m slipping through his fingers? on the up side if craig gordon does move south perhaps you could refer him to certain house in buckingham…..


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