New category folks on ads that I’ve spotted which are good, bad or just plain ugly. 3 stinkers to begin with:-

– Veet. It’s a horrible brand name for hair removal products. What was wrong with Immac the former name? I used to enjoy saying I was a big fan of their shampoo (see avatar image). Veet – it looks South African and sounds Yorkshire. What does it mean? Anyway their latest ad for in-shower hair removal cream is a real bowser. It looks like it was shot in America and has been over-dubbed for a UK audience. The girl is far from a glamorous, wearing unflattering shorts and there’s a mindless cartooon-like ending of a male audience applauding her legs whilst she sings on a bed. Bizarre. 2 out of 10.

– Splendips or to give it its full title, Thai sweet chilli splendips from Philadelphia (the cream, not the US city). Just brainless: female angel cops catch a user of the said dips, take her in for charging, the female desk sergeant points out they’ve made a mistake as there’s only 3% fat, and releases her whilst keeping the dip all for herself. Yawn. 3 out of 10.

– Abbey (or is it Santander) and their latest corporate ad shot in black and white (and bits of Santander red) featuring Lewis Hamilton. Why – because they are sponsoring the Vodafone Maclaren Mercedes Formula 1 team – hardly slips off the tongue – and Lewis is popular so, let’s use him/it to promote our bank. Images of F1 action and Lewis talking about teamwork or something dull. There’s a gratuitous reference to the number of banks they have (how is that relevant to Hamilton?) and they conclude with that hoary old line about ‘we think it’s a winning formula’. What is? Hate this linkage of advertising and a sponsorship association especially when it’s done as badly as this. Cliched. 3 out of 10

Anyone got any other stinkers or classics?


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Having decided on a change of life by moving home from the UK to Italy, this is the story and thoughts of a man on a personal journey from the Blackpool Tower to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in search of la dolce vita. After several olive harvests he's now back in London but en route he shares his very personal perspectives on life.

2 thoughts on “veet

  1. wo wotcha graham

    how’s things? now that is a crap advert – see what i did there? truly awful. i especially liked the tag line ‘pass it on’ – the product, the insight or the problem?

    this is why i’m a fan of the problem pages in women’s magazines; there’s just so much that’s intriguing.

    love to p and the family g


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