the open

Is it just me or was that one of the best Open Championships in recent years? At last we have a European winner and not simply another win by Tiger or an anonymous American, never to repeat his success again. Carnoustie proved to be a fantastic course this time with the final 3 holes just about as tough as they get for tired minds, arms and legs. Somebody mentioned that the course is the only Championship links to feature water so significantly in its final few holes. I know St Andrews has its burn too but i know what they mean. That barry burn is like a snake waiting to bite. Brilliant.

I thought it might be a better play off spectacle for a European to play against an American/Ernie etc but Garcia and Harringtion served up a belting finale. Either would have been a worthy Champ but Harrington just seemed to want it that little bit more; it was his to win and Garcia’s to lose and that’s how it unfolded. The British challenge wasn’t that strong really. I liked Justin Rose’s approach but the rest just seem to be in a comfort zone. I think Faldo may have a point when he says they are too well-rewarded too quickly, too easily. Poulter gets in a strong position and cannot capitalise. Monty’s blows his lid. Donald isn’t tough enough mentally it seems. Casey too. And so on. Never mind as long as one of the other Ryder Cup guys does it, I’m happy. I missed being there these last few days. I love the Open when it’s in Scotland – all that changeable weather is just wonderful. My good friend C was there marshalling. I wish I’d been there to see such a great victory for Harrington. I bet it’s a great night there tonight.


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Having decided on a change of life by moving home from the UK to Italy, this is the story and thoughts of a man on a personal journey from the Blackpool Tower to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in search of la dolce vita. After several olive harvests he's now back in London but en route he shares his very personal perspectives on life.

3 thoughts on “the open

  1. Bit of a defining momen for me actually. S asked me who I wanted to win and I realized that I didn’t care – Irish/Spanish it was all the same, as long as a European was drinking out of the Jug. There was a time when just the proximity and language link would have ensured that I would have felt more affinity for an Irishman over Sergio, but now that distinction seems much less important. Maybe the whole European idea is catching on at a fundamental level.

    But yes a great final day with lots of drama. The real star of the day turned out to be the guy who didn’t win – Romero’s round was amazing. Feel sorry for Sergio – this really seemed to be his turn. I wonder if this loss will have a long term effect. Then again Mickelson went for so many years coming in second to Tiger, so maybe Sergio will recover.

  2. Further musing on this one … I wonder how important the Ryder Cup has been in fostering a European identity? It is (I think) the only major event where there is a European Team and the success and huge publicity of that team may have contributed a great deal to the idea that we are Europeans. So many people have cheered on ‘their’ euro team … there may be a residual loyalty left behind that grows a little every time that team takes the stage.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the emergence of a European identity will be the one thing that the history books will comment on as far as the last century is concerned. “The early 20th century saw a return to internecine warfare at a level not seen since the Thirty Years War, but by the mid-point of the century, Europeans, exhausted by 500 years of more or less continuous bloodshed, decided to declare victory and come together as a single entity and end the mayhem.” Encyclopedia Wiki 3000AD edition.

    I’m sorry pp … did you ask pose a question about golf?

  3. can’t remember b but no matter i like to read your noble thoughts. i have to admit i feel v European personally – i guess i would living half the time in italy. i couldn’t say if that’s the general mood but one thing that is making europe feel a whole lot smaller is the amazing growth of no frills flights to dozens of smaller airports. popping over to poland for a weekend is no big deal any longer. it must help that sense of pan-europeanism.

    so far as the golf is concerned, i think all golf fans get massively behind the team when we play the USA. i reckon it’s the most unique team event in sport and, for once, we tend to be good at it. supporting a successful side, esp against the all-powerful Americans is great of course and for a moment we’re all spanish and irish and swedish and scottish and english. it’s just the german bit we struggle with…


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