big brother: bye bye channelle

So the ranter’s left the house at last; no more tears from the wailing Channelle. Thank Christ. But we did get lots of tears from virtually everyone else in the house tonight. It took me back to those dark days of the sad boys in Any Dream Will Do. Shudder. As a double bonus we also saw the back of Ziggy who nobly fell on his sword to volunteer, Spartacus like, for temporary banishment to the half-way house. Amusingly, and unlike in Spartacus, all his housemates voted to ditch him rather than save him. Great fun, then of course more tears. This of course was triggered by the arrival of the 2 new housemates – David (yep I forecast that) and Kara Louise who I thought would attract some votes but she beat my favourite Shanessa hands down. Ah well Shanny back to the porn and obscurity. Except she and Aileen Wournos (who was very upset and not a little shocked not to get through) and weirdo Jonty (who had his backers incredibly) still remain in the half way house along with Ziggy now. Is it just me or are you just a little bemused too? We now have the Big House and Little House with the fairy. Sorry Jonty.


2 thoughts on “big brother: bye bye channelle

  1. PP you have tio stop watching this. As Mark Kermode would say “this represents the end of modern civilisation as we know it”. My interest in BB ended after the first series which was fresh and entertaining. As with all sequels the trick is to evolve and improve the original to engage the audience. BB has consistently failed to do this and I strongly object to the airwaves, print, broadcast and e media being polluted to such a degree.

    What I want to know is how come greenpeace and all the other cardy wearing bandwagon jumping carbon neutral vegans are not galvanising public opinion on this scandalous brainwashing excercise?

    The again I guess you get the ‘entertainment’ you deserve. The Romans watched the disabled being fed to lions as a treat and we have 9 million listening to a fat talentless nob call Chris Moyles and a goodly proportion of the same audience watching emotionally disabled freaks on BB!

  2. you’re right of course but it’s been strangely compelling this year because of the gloriously outrageous wimmin folk. argumentative charley, parly chanelle and now demur shanessa are just so awful, they are compulsive viewing.

    i’m leading such a sad life.


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