two good tv ads; wey hey

Well I keep being told that I’m too critical and negative about stuff. Could’ve fooled me but whatever. So I thought I’d write favourably on something for a change, just to please the critics. And it’s about two TV ads that I think are pretty damn good.

The first is kinda gentle – it’s the animated ad for Carphone Warehouse featuring a 5 piece band (I think) who begin by playing one of my all time favourite classic soul grooves, Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs; great band, great name. But half way through the lead guitarist in the cartoon band suddenly decides to break into the guitar riff from Riverboat Song by Ocean Colour Scene, another great track popularised by Chris Evans’ TFI Friday initial season. They are two very emotive tracks for me and that’s why advertising agencies employ them of course – they trigger positive thoughts. But there was a cute empathetic message about also being free to switch your mobile phone under CW’s ‘swap it’ offer. Simple message elegantly delivered. Bingo. Plus I really like the new CW strapline, ‘Your phone, your way’. It’s just cleaner, clearer and crisper than ‘For a better mobile life’ which I thought was pretentious. YPYW is truer to the essence of CW’s original philosophy too -any phone, any network, you choose. I like this ad so much but have to say that its sister cartoon ad featuring the track Popcorn by Hot Butter is only half as effective to me (though it’s a catchier tune). Anyway Green Onions; lovely, simple, impactful. 8 out of 10.

The second ad which I’ve really enjoyed and never sickened of seeing these last few weeks has been the promo ad for Channel 4’s new Hollywood season on Film 4. It’s long and unhurried with intriguing shots of down town LA and the iconic Hollywood sign (which later morphs into New Hollywood). This is coupled with a lovely sexily atmospheric sound track, a deep gravelly voice over and some great 3 second sequences from the season’s films rolling on the ubiquitous LA poster sites. I noticed some clips for Dodgeball which is an OK film and a so-so Jennifer Anniston chick flick but then caught various scenes from Sideways, just one of my favourite films about male shallowness and wine. Subjects I’m rather good at as it happens. So the trailer not only redeemed itself but hit its target audience with me, bullseye. The ad transports me to LA and makes me want to subscribe to Sky to see the film. Madness I know but beautifully effective. An extravagant 9 out of 10.

I’ve probably had too much Merlot.


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