tevez in; smith out; shake it all about

I hate to tempt fate but it looks like the summer’s longest football saga is to end with Carlos the teeth Tevez joining Man U in next 24 hours. What’s more it looks like they’ve done a deal not a million miles away from the solution I proposed in an earlier posting – bloody cheek – where’s my cut Mr Gill?

Anyway Man U’s striking options look lick-smackingly good – I just can’t wait till the new season starts. Tomorrow I’m off with Mike and Jake to see the Reds at the Posh. Woo hoo. Will this be the first time that father has faced son in the managerial roles in pro footie? The only sad thing for me is the departure of Alan Smith. He’s never been a great striker but I’ve always liked his in yer face style. Hot-headed and impetuous at times I agree but his honesty as a player was enormous. That game he played against Roma last season was the most awesome example of a single player terrorising one of the most disciplined defences in world football. Why Ferguson dropped him for the Milan match I’ll never know. The other slight disappointment to me is that he’s chosen to join Newcy B over the Boro (sorry Lol). He would have been a real hero in Middlesbrough and virtually undroppable. But at Newcastle they’ve already got Viduka, Owen, Martins and Ameobi. What do they need another striker for? If they were all fit how many times would Smith be first choice upfront? I’d have thought he would have had enough of bench-sitting at Man U. It’s not like Newcy B are in Europe either. Very odd choice if you ask me Alan.


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