wendy richards’ new comedy. oxymoron

Is it just me or shouldn’t Wendy Richards ex miserable matriarch of the grim Eastenders just fade away into retirement? I saw her being interviewed on GMTV or something this morning and it seems like she’s about to star in a new sitcom. Groan. Entitled ‘Here Comes the Queen’ it’s written by David Croft who’s also written or co-written such cutting-edge masterpieces as Hi Di Hi, You Rang Mi’lord and Are you Being Served? By all accounts H C the Q is about a long lost royal family and will co-star those other stalwarts of the English comedy scene Ian Lavender and Les Dennis. I’ve already lost the will to live.

I just can’t think of Wendy Richards and comedy in the same space. Sorry love but you’ve just cornered the market in misery. If Kathy Bates had been unavailable you’d have triumphed in the film role. I know people love you because I’ve come across a site from one of your biggest fans Paul, sorry Wendy. It’s a dedicated Wendy Richards appreciation site created by some tube in America who clearly thinks you are wonderful. Be very careful but it’s at http://pages.prodigy.net.

On a wider point though is this the best that the beleaguered BBC can come up with? Apparently not; there’s another show in production entitled Zip and Hollow written by David Croft’s daughter Penny about a group of pilates classmates, starring Liza Goddard, set in Bury st Edmunds or somewhere obscure in deepest Suffolk. Now this outline might just make your comedy taste-buds absolutely sizzle with anticipation but to me it sounds worse than tooth-ache. Shouldn’t there be a broadcasting law preventing the offspring of people who have inflicting such pain already on the viewing public, from giving us more dire tv hell?

Where on earth is the new Office going to come from? I’ve found a truly bizarre website dedicated to celebrating new sitcom developments. I kid you not. On the site you’ll find such gems as the following concepts;

– a comedy based on a group of hapless policeman on bikes, starring Mark Addy (no doubt titled ‘Allo ‘Allo ‘Allo). Heaven help us or what about

– a comedy set in the dog-eat-dog world of a local estate agency, starring Kris Marshall the guy from the BT ads.

Doesn’t your heart sink at the very thought of them. Fat gormless coppers and grasping/lying estate agents. Wow that’s so dangerous and radical. Just a rich source of dark, cutting humour….. I think not. There’s worse believe me; one synopsis describes the pilot as a sort of ‘Friends’ set in Victorian olde London town. What kind of monkey juice must you be on to come up with that as a comic concept? I’ll give you the most ironic one in a second but if you want to check out the rest go to http://www.sitcom.co.uk. Who on earth compiles these websites? Who has the time to dedicate to it?

In fact I think a good sit-com might be revolve around the wild and madcap world of this bloke who sits in his bedsit spending his time writing about his favourite little things that amuse him……hang on a minute, that seems a little close to home.

Finally, the comedy pilot that’s about a radio talkshow host. It was due to star Chris Langham, he of the child porn parish. The working title was ‘7 second delay’. In view of Langham’s imminent spell at her majesty’s pleasure you’d better re-title that ‘7 year delay’ methinks.


ps whilst researching some background on this posting I stumbled across another website, a wedding site (!!?!) for Jason Sporbet and Lisa Goddard – they’re Americans of course. They have a personal nickname for themselves – Goobert (as well as his car – Billy!). I’m telling you the truth. Jason goes into lots of detail in the ‘How it Happened’ section on the grim story about how the Goobert came to be (via internet dating, naturally). I just can’t resist this stuff. Americans are open, honest and full of the most toe-curling crap. Bless them.

Check out the Gooberts (now there’s a sitcom title) at http://www.jasonandlisadc.com for some proper comedy heaven.

pps deep in the bowels of the Wendy Richards appreciation website, I found some technical details about how the site works, as if anybody is interested. But right at the end of it was a montage of album covers. The author had taken the trouble of showcasing all the music she’d listened to whilst compiling the site. Just incredible. And what appalling musical taste.

ppps I listened to redneck radio, Talksport, whilst compiling this.


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