mcclaren mangles it again

I wrote a long piece back on 9 July about how useless McClaren must be to lose a key player like Jamie Carragher through ham-fisted man management. Now we read McClaren’s desperate to bring Carragher back into the side because….he’s facing a crisis at the back. Ha! Well la-di-da. Of course it was impossible to see injury problems hitting Woodgate, King and Terry wasn’t it? Dufus.

It seems that Carragher is set to tell him to swizzle and quite right too in my view. So what’s McClaren’s Plan C? Well it’s two-pronged. Firstly he’s popping over to the US at the FA’s expense to check on David Beckham who of course is still injured and won’t be playing for a while yet. Never mind Steve, it’ll be a nice trip. Don’t worry about what the other guys will think of this, even though they’ll no doubt be wondering why you aren’t checking them out now the season’s upon us. Secondly by all accounts he’s thinking of calling up Sol Campbell and David James to the squad. In case you’ve forgotten these were the other two guys banished to the history books by McClaren alongside David Beckham in that bravura show of decisive action from the quiff when he inherited the job and wanted to signal change and create distance from his erstwhile boss SGE. And how did he let these guys know they were out? – via voicemail. Oh you’re hard. Well he’s already gone back on his decision by begging DB to return and now he’s going to beg these guys too. There must be huge respect amongst the squad for their bold manager. It’s not like having big Phil Scolari there is it?

You know what I’d do if I was Campbell or James? I’d tell him no thanks Steve, I’m busy washing my hair that night. Of course I’d not tell him directly; perhaps a text message would be appropriate. He’ll understand; he’ll be shopping with Victoria down Rodeo Drive at the time. Yes things are a lot different from the SGE regime.

It will be interesting to see what he does if the guys do reject his overtures. Will he be bold and pick some new guys who’d probably walk all the way to Wembley to represent their country and give their all – guys like Lescott at Everton or Dawson at Spurs perhaps. Nah, McClaren wouldn’t be so bold. He’ll probably call up Gary Pallister or Norman Hunter or Jackie Charlton, you know lads who won’t let you down. I hear Tom Finney’s not doing much if that Lennon lad’s out of form.



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