tarrah kara-tracey

Is it just me or is BB8 getting duller and duller now that the prial of Queens, parly Chanelle, gobby Charley and demure Shannessa, have all gone. Last night two more women were evicted from the house but it was hardly a shock and no complaints here.

Kara-Louise, the human badger, was just getting more and more dispirited by being regarded as probably the least likable/popular amongst the housemates (who wouldn’t) and it seemed to me like she’d had enough and wanted to leave anyway. She got her wish. Felt a wee bit sorry for her as she was quite a pleasant girl but she just couldn’t stop feeling sorry for herself. Lighten up a bit girl.

We also lost Tracey the 37 year old raver cleaner with face studs and pink hair. I just couldn’t take to this woman at all. What makes a 37 year old try and talk like some 14 year old from the ‘hood? It just sounded weird to keep hearing her come out with such phrases as ‘ave it, mad for it, deal with it, phat this and phat that. No wonder she felt isolated in the house; there was just no-one else with an emotionally-stunted age beneath 15 for her to talk to. Intellectually there’s a lot of arrested development I know. Grow up love.

Incredibly Jonty survived. I may be being a little unkind but he is a bit weird. Did you see the scene in the bathroom where he’s totally naked and having a conversation with Kara-Louise hands on hips, totally unabashed? For a man who’s never been with a woman that’s quite unusual behaviour and let’s face it he wasn’t exactly blessed with Brian tackle. And he’s as hairy as a bush baby. No that wasn’t a good look and young Kara-L looked like she’d been caught in Perv Alley. That would make me want to leave too love.

So it’s down to the final week and though I’m no longer really bothered it’s got to be the twins’ win don’t you think? Please don’t let it be shower boy.


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