100 not out

Well folks this is my 100th posting on the Pasta Paulie blogsite. Blimey that’s starting to be a lot of opinion, rants and slightly gentler words now I think about it. That’s said, it’s been a blast for me. I’m full of crap I know but this has been a great release valve for me now that we’ve stopped playing 5-a-side (unwillingly). So what’s the subject for this posting? It ought to be about life in Italy as that’s the core theme of the PP site. But as you know we are largely over here at present trying to get this house sold after 2 years on the market. We hope to get back there very soon. But it’s been a difficult few months now and something happened last night to make me feel very good again.

My good friends at KG have been my main source of income for several months – some nice stories to follow – but it’s been getting more and more difficult keeping two houses and two mortgages going, even though I’m picking up more and more consultancy business. Just as we were getting closer to the horrible wire on this stuff a very good contact came through last night with a great new consultancy opportunity. I cannot tell you how marvellous this news is for us. So I’m in a great frame of mind and looking forward to working with an old contact enormously again. Several other contracts are also pending so maybe things are changing for us. All I do know is that some people have a lot of class and we shalln’t forget that. A short but v personal 100th posting.


3 thoughts on “100 not out

  1. P.
    sounds good!

    After 10 years, we are planning a return to euroland – so don’t forget where to throw the unwanted consultancy! And excellent work on 100 N.O. Will be in London next week and in Venice the following weekend. Where are u?

  2. hi mike and brian

    mike, many thks. i see the CL final’s in Moscow mate. Gulp!

    Wow that’s interesting news. We are around in the UK next week so we should catch up. let me know what your plans are and we’ll come and meet you guys.

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