ooh fancy a punt?

Well we’re what just 3 weeks into the season and it’s already bloody interesting. MU slow start and already 5 points behind Russia fc, who apparently are trying to sign Ronaldinho (well their Chairman is). Man City doing well under Sven (it’ll never last), little Sam struggling, Leicester C sacked their manager today (sorry he left by mutual consent), Jol dead man walking at Spurs incredibly. Sure he lost it at that match v the Ruskis last year. Blackpool beat Premiership side Derby last night in the Carling Cup, woo hoo. Boro surely doomed if their striking options are moody Mido – I’ll give it 4 weeks before he becomes disenchanted – some unknown bloke from Turkey and Jeremy Ally-ally-o. Apparently they are now willing to part with £6m for that waste of space from Man C, Samaros. Sigh.

But who fancies a real good footie bet? We had nearly 20 guys doing the top 6 in the Prem forecast last year but we need to liven it up this year plus we’ll have to find a way to lodge stakes for taking part (you fancy being our escrow again Mr Simon?). Here’s the challenge; forecast the following, best points overall wins. My forecast shown for the hell of it. Can you do better? Come on, make my day footie punks….

1. Top 6 in Premiership

(Two points for each team in the top 6 but wrongly placed, 3 points for club correctly placed, 4 points for picking the Champions)

My forecast: 1st Liverpool, 2nd Chelsea, 3rd Man U, 4th Arsenal, 5th Aston V 6th Everton

2. 7th – 10th in Premiership

(two points for each team incorrectly placed, 3 points correctly placed)

My forecast: 7th Man City 8th Portsmouth 9th spurs 10th Blackburn

3. Bottom 3 in Premiership

(two points each team placed, who cares about the order?)

My forecast: Derby, Bolton, Wigan

4. Four Prem managers to leave/lose their jobs before last day of the season

( two points for each)

My forecast: Jol, Lee, Hutchins, Davies

5. Four new managers to be appointed

(3 points each)

My forecast: Ramos, Jewell, Gary Speed, Mark Hughes

6. Prem Player’s player of the year and young player

(4 points for each)

Carlos Tevez and Micah Richards

7. Champs League finalists

(3 points for each finalist, extra point for nominating winners)

My forecast: winners Man U, runners up Chelsea

8. SPL top 3

( 2 points for nominations incorrectly placed, 3 points correct placing, 4 points Champs)

My forecast: 1st Rangers, 2nd Celtic, 3rd Hibs

9a Championship top 3

(3 points for play-off winners, 3 points runners up, 3 points champs – all have to be on the button)

My forecast: Play off winners Wolves, R/u Sheffield U, Champs Charlton

9b. Placing for Blackpool ( this is my competition so you’ll have to like it or lump it)

( 1 point for correct quartile ie top 6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24 and 5 points for precise position)

My forecast: 13-18 quartile, exact position 16th.

10. Cham’p bottom club

(3 points)

My forecast: Barnsley

11. Div 1 top 3

(as per Champ forecasts)

My forecasts: play off winners Leeds (!!), runners up Millwall, Champs Leyton O.

12 Div 1 bottom club

(3 points)

My forecast: Gillingham (sorry Tony)

13. Div 2 Champs

(3 points)

My forecast: Milton Keynes

14. The biggest losers of all; bottom of Div 2

(3 points)

My forecast: Dag & Red.

15 FA Cup Finalists

(3 points for each finalist, extra point for nominating the winners)

My forecast: winners Man U, runners up Arsenal

16 Carling Cup finalists

(ditto FA cup points)

My forecast: winners Man U, runners up Aston villa

17. top goal scorer in Premiership (Prem goals plus all domestic cup goals)

(3 points for correct goal scorer and 4 bonus points for correct goal total)

My forecast: torres, 26 goals

18. manager of the year

(3 points)

My forecast: Benitez

19. will england qualify for euro 2008 and retain the manager till the end of the season?

(yes to both, 2 points; yes and no, 3 points; no and no, 4 points; no and yes 2000 points)

My forecast: yes to both sadly.

20. new england manager (depending on outcome of 19 above)

My forecast: head says Scolari; heart says Steve Coppell. Gotta be the former.

Come on guys get forecasting. £5 in if forecasts posted by close on 2nd sept, £10 up to 7 sept, forecasts closed thereafter.


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Having decided on a change of life by moving home from the UK to Italy, this is the story and thoughts of a man on a personal journey from the Blackpool Tower to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in search of la dolce vita. After several olive harvests he's now back in London but en route he shares his very personal perspectives on life.

6 thoughts on “ooh fancy a punt?

  1. Cor, and extensive list!

    OK, I’ll go with the order above.

    1) Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, Newcastle, Tottenham.

    2) Blackburn, Villa, Portsmouth, Everton

    3) Derby, Bolton, Birmingham

    4) Lee, Jol, Bruce, Coppell (see 20)

    5) Ramos, Tony Adams, David O’Leary, Kevin Dillon

    6) ,Fabregas

    7) Barcelona, Man U

    8) Rangers, Celtic, Dundee U

    9) Coventry, Wolves, West Brom

    10) Sheff Wed

    11) Carlisle, Huddersfield, Orient

    12) Southend

    13) Chesterfield

    14) Wrexham

    15) Arsenal, Liverpool

    16) Liverpool, Cheslea

    17) Torres, 24

    18) Sven

    19) Yes and No

    20) Steve Coppell

    In for a penny, in for a tenner!


  2. Paul,

    many thanks for this pure football opportunity, much better than any Fantasy football bollocks.

    You may detect a hint of my support for the mighty Hornets running through my thread of predictions but there again any Watford supporter has surely earned the right to a bit of indulgence as we go in to the international break with only the supreme ugliness of Iain Dowie between the Golden Boys and the summit of the mountainous path back to the Prem. And those blessed with any kind of football “nouse” will know that Aidy Boothroyd had Dowie for breakfast and spat him out in the glorious 2005/06 season when Palarse crumbled to Aidy’s strategic master-plan !

    To my predictions:

    1. Prem top 6

    Man Utd

    2. Prem 7th-10th


    3. Prem bottom 3


    4. Prem managers ( out )

    Sammy Lee, Chris Hutchins, Jose Mourinho, Steve Coppell

    5. Prem managers ( in )

    Neil Warnock, Paul Jewell, Guus Huddink ( sp ? ), David O’Leary

    6. Prem player of the year and young player

    Berbatov / Ashley Young

    7. Champs League Finalists

    Liverpool and Barcelona

    8. SPL

    ( I haven’t got a clue but. . . )


    9. ( a ) Fizzy Pop League ( The Championship )

    1. Watford
    2. West Brom
    Play Off winners: Coventry

    9 (b). Blackpool

    Quartile 13-18 : exact placing 15th ( you’ve made a decent start )

    10. Fizzy pop bottom club.


    11. Div 1

    1. Leyton Orient
    2. Huddesfield
    play – off winners Luton ( Scummers ! )

    12. Div 1 bottom


    13. Div 2 Champs


    14. Div 2 bottom

    Accrington Stanley

    15. FA Cup finalists

    Arsenal ( winners ) and Blackburn

    16. Carling Cup finalists

    Villa and Chelsea ( winners )

    17. Top Prem goal scorer

    Berbatov – 24 goals

    18. Manager of the Year

    well it should be Boothroyd but I suspect you mean Prem manager in which case, based on the above predictions and the squad available to him, I’ve got to go for Wenger.

    19. England

    No, we wont qualify and McClown will be gone

    20. England manager

    Big Phil Scholari

    there we are, the season in a snap-shot and the most bloody fantasyic thing about English footy is that it is near enough IMPOSSIBLE to predict !!

    Best of luck to everyone but especially those who predict a rapid return to the Prem by the Golden Boys under the watchful eye of the mangnificent Mr Adrian Boothroyd. . . .


  3. hi jim

    i thought i’d responded but must have pressed the wrong button or something.

    great to hear from you, been watching the team with great interest this year. think the glory hornet boys might be a good bet mate. trying to do some sponsorship work with them so may see you down there one day?!! they’ve spent a lot on ground improvements and will surely be better-placed to manage life in the Prem if they go up this season.

    anyway can’t be long before Dowie buggers off back up north…to manage Spurs. Ha!

    Ciao J

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