england calls up dad’s army

Well I’ve heard it all now. Following the embarrassing recalls of those old stalwarts Beckham, Campbell and James, McClaren’s really gone and done it for me now by recalling probably the least ineffective forward from recent times, Emile Heskey, who last played in the Euro Champs in 2004. So there we are a new beginning and direction from the Sven era and he’s resorting to picking not just the same team that Sven selected but now he’s going back to the guys Sven rejected years ago because they weren’t good enough at international level. As I said previously, Tom Finney’s a fabulous ex-international who’s currently got a window in his diary – come on Steve give the lad a shout. He used to be a bloody demon on that right wing and he could probably sort out that new bathroom too Steve through his plumbing business.

Surely, with a squad depleted by injury, the answer’s to go for youthful promise, no fear, blistering pace and a bit of an unknown quantity for the Israels and Russians to think about. Look at the frigging impact Micah Richards has had; would anybody seriously suggest Gary Neville is automatic first choice now? Doubt it; it’s very close between the two. So go for some new blood ppppplease. Don’t forget Gus Hiddink’s a bloody great tactical manager and he’ll have Heskey worked out already. So let’s see some new blood up there just to see what they can do. Like Owen v Argentina remember? If nothing else Hoddle could spot talent. As did Taylor briefly.

I really do have concerns about these two matches. We should be full of confidence and it’s shot to f*ck. This ought to be 6 points in the bag and I can see 2 points or 4 at best if things go better than I fear. Either way, will that be enough? If I was McQuiff I’d now be thinking let’s be bold and brave and go for it. He’s going to be sacked sooner or later anyway. Seize the moment; not the past.

I guess this means Heskey will score a hat-trick now just to make me look stupid and opinionated. Well no complaints if he does. But if he gets on and plays like a tw*t like he used to, well I’ll be on this bloody blogsite quicker than jumping jack flash. Do the Israeli’s not like it up them? Sigh….


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