jane; fonder for sure

It’s not like me to speak well of Yorkshire folk but I was saddened today to learn about the death of Jane Tomlinson. Married mum of 3 Jane was diagnosed with terminal (breast) cancer in 2000 and given 6 months to live. She was determined to do something with the rest of her life and to demonstrate that life had to be lived so she embarked on a series of hard physical challenges to prove that life with cancer still had purpose.

Well over the last 7 years she has done the Grt N Run, the London marathon, the ironman UK triathlon and finally she cycled 4200 miles coast to coast across the USA, when in enormous pain. They reckon it was the most gruelling challenge ever undertaken by a person suffering from terminal cancer. In the course of doing this she raised nearly £2m for cancer charities. Today it was announced that this horrible, pernicious, relentless bloody disease had finally beaten her. God damn it. Is there any family which hasn’t been preyed upon by this awfully indiscriminate reaper?

I’ve never met Jane and know for sure she’s not alone in facing up to this killer but I’ve admired her indominitible spirit and hoped, for personal reasons, that it’s been inspirational to others. I’ve not been alone; the Prime Minister no less, talked today about her ‘amazing spirit’. Quite right too.

However, within seconds I also learned that something like £0.5 Billion had been spent on football transfers in the last 2 years (or was it 3 – it hardly matters). It seems obscene that that sort of money isn’t being diverted into finding a cure and relief for this disease doesn’t it? So unless anyone has any objections I’d suggest that all those £10 bets on our football forecast this year go towards deserving cancer charities, rather than to a winner amongst us. Is that ok guys? Don’t know if that’ll put people off but maybe it’ll encourage a few more guys to take part.

It’s nowhere near matching Jane’s efforts but that’s not the point. Let’s all beat this every way we can.


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