an extraordinary artist

We’re lucky to have such wonderful daughters (and sons in law!) and some really great friends. We might not have a lot in the bank at the moment but in terms of the quality of our friendships we’re filthy rich millionaires. We only socialise with a few folk in Buckingham, John and Sue W and family (their lovely daughter C and E have been best friends since junior school) and Cindy and Keith are about it. But they are good people. We spent yesterday at Cindy and Keith’s watching the rugby. S and K who we haven’t seen in years were also there. After the rubbish England performance Cindy laid on this super meal. It feels like these guys have been inviting us to dinner every few weeks since we’ve been over here. We’re in debt on the entertaining front now. One day we might get through all this…..

Anyway the point about this posting is not to bleat about our position but to talk about Keith’s extraordinary skill as an artist. He does some lovely figure (mostly nude, my favourite) paintings and still life work but I guess he specialises in sky/land/seascapes, though I doubt that’s the correct technical term. Keith has this ability to see and translate a beautiful clear day with sun glistening on the water onto the canvas in this rich warm impressionist style. His favourite settings happen to coincide with some of our fondest locations – Venice, which is just the most scenic city possibly in the world, Rock/Padstow in Cornwall where we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, Brighton where our daughter E now lives and so on.

We’ve always enjoyed having imagery on our walls, mostly it’s been b/w photography and memory stuff. But we’ve been attracted to K’s work for a few years and bought our first piece – a misty late afternoon view in Venice at one of K’s shows a couple of years ago. Since then we’ve added a view of boats outside Padstow and only recently finally acquired the picture of the just-married couple in Venice as E and S’s wedding gift from us.

I’m not trying to sound like the new Charles Saatchi, these are very affordable pieces (they need to be in our case) but we’ve enjoyed owning some artwork enormously. It might sound pretentious but it’s not to us. We have them on our dining room walls in Italy and enjoy them most times we have a meal. It just seems so appropriate to have them there.

If you’re interested in finding about about Keith’s work you can check out his website by clicking on the Keith Jansz link on my blogroll on the right hand side of this site. You’ll find other links on Keith’s site linked to the AMFPA of which Keith is a full member. If you’re intrigued by what that is check out the link! I’m sure Cindy would be delighted to send you more details of K’s catalogue or upcoming shows if you were interested in finding out more. You might even be making a shrewd investment!

Art for all!


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