RWC – what did you expect?

Well it’s been an interesting start to RWC 2007. Even with my limited knowledge of the finer details I can see that the southern hemisphere sides, NZ, Oz, SA and to a slightly lesser extent Arg are basically frigging awesome. Nobody amongst the the 6 Nations sides has been anywhere near as impressive. In fact they’ve been bloody average at best. The good news is that the 6 Nations sides can only get better; the bad news is that they start playing the black/gold/green buggers very soon.

Is it just me but you’ve got to believe that France will come good but are they faced with a QF v NZ now? Remember ’99!

England – it’s hard to imagine what may happen against SA. Ireland must get better, ditto Wales (who looked great once they got the A team on the field). Scotland have to play the thingies. Italy – who knows. Plus we’ve yet to see a couple of sides who could embarrass all of the 6 Nations sides on their day.

It’s hard to see past the Southern hem’re favourites at this stage but it’s a long, long tournament and is it just me but could England’s game plan to lull the others into a deliberately false confident state of mind by playing like a complete bunch of wan*ers, be a master stroke, or, more appropriately, masterbating stroke? Ah well, we’re still World Champions and don’t you forget it.

Aussi, combien points jusqu’ici pour les Bleus? Err exactement nil points! Xenophobic j’accord, mais ho ho.


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