odd company name

Had a great day up at Old Trafford today discussing sponsorship possibilities and venue enhancement with G their commercial director. G and I first did business together years ago when he was at Man City and Cellnet were installing a base station on their main stand. I like the fact that he stuck at us and eventually convinced the company to spend a bit with MCFC. He must have caught me in a generous mood! Hopefully we’ll do some more business again. Anyway en route I was checking out the names, branding and livery work on the sides of lorries etc, as I do, and came across a lulu of a company name.

Splashed right across the side of this van were the contact details for this company that produces a range of quality egg products for the catering industry. Their name? ‘Bumble Hole Foods’. Say it to yourself. Is it just me or is it difficult to say it and read it without it coming out as Bum-hole Foods? Maybe it’s just my base-level imagination but that would have to be the last name I’d select for a company producing high quality foodstuffs. Maybe if they’d called themselves Bumble Bee foods I could understand it (although you might expect them to produce honey products I suppose). So I checked their website for an explanation. It’s not the best site to be honest. There is a strange little bumble bee design to be sure and some odd aerial photos. Maybe I should suggest they use KG to re-do their site but they’ll read this and tell me to yolk off. But I did see the reason for the name; they are located on Bumble Hole Lane, in Fockbury! It just gets better. Imagine being the receptionist for this lot; you’d need to keep your wits about you. They must have had callers who imagine they’ve dialled ‘bum-hole foods, f*ck me’. Priceless. It must be great for business…I must e-mail BHF to find out.

A good friend B once told me that at a BT training centre one switchboard operator used to mangle her responses and prompts deliberately to see if the callers picked up on it. So for example, she’d ask ‘rubber knees?’ for ‘number please’ and rarely did people notice. The brain sees and hears what it wants to. And I see it’s sauvignon o’clock. Must get on….


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