kate moss, victoria beckham, katie price

Who are the 3 most photographed women in Britain (after the Queen perhaps)? It’s go to be Kate, Victoria (I know she doesn’t live here at the moment – don’t split hairs) and Katie Price nee Jordan hasn’t it? That attractiveness is based to a large extent on their good looks right but is it just me or does anybody else out there find them quite unattractive?

I’m not suggesting that we blokes should measure true beauty simply by how physically attractive a woman appears. I know that inner beauty is far more attractive, deeper and enduring. Don’t forget I talk as a fat, bald ugly bloke so I’m an authority on this. But I have to confess that the appeal of K2 and V escapes me. Doesn’t anybody else think that V has pretty lousy skin and a v peculiar nose, whilst Katie has a nose like Alan Minter. And didn’t Katie once throw insults at Jodie Marsh by accusing her of having a nose like a builder’s elbow? Pots and kettles K. I think Kate Moss has a fine nose but has anybody else noticed that she’s a bit boss-eyed? Doesn’t anyone else notice it? I thought it was really odd for Rimmel to pick K to promote their eye make-up range but perhaps they behold beauty differently to me. I’m not poking fun at her honest, it’s actually a little endearing but everyone seems obsessed with her physical perfection – the world’s most beautiful model and all that. Dya’ think?

Anyway I’m sure I’m not alone in believing that I see more attractive women every day than these 3 ladeez. Nigella Lawson outguns them all in my view and I could list loads more. Who else turns you off? Do blokes suffer from the same scrutiny? Doesn’t every woman think George Clooney’s just perfect – apart from his little willy of course.



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