good week, woo hoo

Well I don’t want to tempt fate but so far it’s been an excellent week or so. My consultancy seems to be going from strength to strength: with 4-5 major sports/arts venues now talking to us (my great friends at Knapp Goodwin and I) about our ideas to renovate stadia etc and bring in new revenue streams. Our sponsorship work via my great associates at Sponsorfinder is really kicking off with several new high-level clients established from the worlds of sport, the arts, publishing and events. It’s taken a year to get this rolling but it feels like the tide is definitely turning. There’s always a cloud though and two good sets of friends of ours who have been based in the States for over 10 years have both been in contact within the last week to say that the American dream has probably run its course for them. The upside is that in both cases we may just see them join us in search of la dolce vita in Italy. How good would that be? Molto bene!


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