mourinho no more…

….as the Proclaimers might say. And so it came to pass that the relationship between The Special One and The Rich One finally broke down completely. News late last night was that Mourinho has left the club, and probably walked out. That’s a lot of money to walk away from so, if it’s true that he did walk, then that fragile truce which Kenyon patched up with sticky tape must have been blown apart by more Abramovitch criticism of his manager. Let’s face it he couldn’t have been impressed by a 1-1 draw with the mighty Rosenborg of Norway – especially when his desire is to win the Champions league above all else.

The rot seemed to set in with those purchases of Shevchenko (how ironic that his was the last goal under Jose’s management) and Ballack who clearly looked like Chairman buys. Mourinho, semingly forced to accommodate them in the team, could never achieve the same balance he had previously and team spirit and ethic. Man U caught them cold last year and the rest is history. The installation of the buffer men Arnesen and recently Avram Grant, served further to alienate Mourinhom and his crew from Abramavitch. The final nail in his coffin was surely the recent trend of Jose towards obvious hair grooming. Given that he looks even more Clooneyesque these days, that was really too much for Roman whose girlfriends seem younger and more waggish by the week.

So where to now Jose? Spurs – unlikely perhaps (could they give him the money to invest in new players of his choosing?). Real unlikely too – they’ve just appointed a new manager. AC possibly but Barcelona looks a likely destination to me. And who replaces him – Lippi, Capello, Rijkaard? Nah, Klinsman perhaps but my money’s on Guus Hiddinck -especially now that England have a good chance of pipping the Russia to the 2nd qualifying spot in our Euro Champs group.

Will he be missed? I think I’ll miss his quirkiness and his undoubted tactical acumen. But I wouldn’t miss his gracelessness – he’s a very poor loser. He’s also happy to win ugly and grinds out results and trophies. Though effective it’s a brand of football that doesn’t appeal to me and it looks like it didn’t appeal to at least 17,00 Chelsea fans the other night and, more importantly, Red Roman either. Despite those 5 trophies. You just can’t please some people.


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