can you decipher desailly?

I watched MoTD last night just to have another look at the Man U v Russia match. It wasn’t a classic was it and there’s a lot of wailing on the radio phone-ins today about dodgy refereeing decisions and bias towards Man U. And that’s just the commentators. Whatever. It looked to me like Man U were clearly dominant and deserved the win. Chelski never had a decent shot on goal and Schevchenko really hasn’t got what it takes in the Premiership. Even with a benign management regime, he has to be taken off. He knows it too. If he had pace, it’s gone. Is that the biggest waste of money ever blown on a single player?

Never mind that what about the first goal? That was just a beautiful cross from Giggs ( I can only dream about delivering such a ball) and a really brave header from the little tooth monster for his first Man U goal. That move was worth the win in itself.

But the key point about this posting was the performance of the special guest on MoTD, Marcel Desailly. Nice guy no doubt but what language was that he was talking? It sounded like English but a completely free-form version of it a bit like professor Stanley Unwin meets Msr Hulot. A strange from of pidgeon Franglais that only Chelsea footballers’ WAGs can understand.

He was asked several questions by Gary and Alan and never answered one of them from what I could tell. And let’s face it, it’s not like being questioned by Jeremy Paxman is it? ‘Was it worthy of a red card Marcel?’ isn’t the most challenging question but he still struggled. Why do they bother inviting guests onto the prog who aren’t able to add anything insightful or interesting or intelligible? The only logic seemed to be that he once played for one of the teams. On that basis we can look forward to the Inside View with Nobby Stiles very soon. Or Nobby’s Naughty Bits.

Can’t wait till I get back to watching football on Sky…


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2 thoughts on “can you decipher desailly?

  1. Hey PP

    I’m looking forwards to seeing Billy Bremners coffin propped up if ever Leeds get back in the Premiership!


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