gaunty v the moyles

I was listening to redneck radio the other morning and heard John Gaunt, the Talksport mid-morning shock-jock, having a pop at Radio 1’s early show darling Chris Moyles. By all accounts this is a media scrap which has been brewing for a while. They’ve both accused the other of being sensationalist (though naturally they both used smaller words) and basically unworthy of hogging so much precious air-time. Talk about pot and kettle.

I think most folks who read this blog will know I don’t have much time for Moyles’ style of broadcasting. In my view he’s arrogant and boorish and believes himself to be uber funny as he takes the rise out of the poor saps who tune/call into his show. Then again I find John Gaunt to be provocatively opinionated. He gets on that high horse and shoots off his mouth on stuff which he knows will get the taxi drivers calling in, in support. It’s always reactionary and often gets uncomfortably close to prejudice and vigilantism. He too has an inflated estimate of his own talent. ‘Gaunty for Prime Minister? Please, I couldn’t afford the pay-cut’ is on of his many unfunny and oft-repeated asides.

So as you can imagine, I enjoyed the spat enormously, siding with neither of the protagonists until Gaunty read out an e-mail purporting to come from the Moyles camp telling him to fade away (or words to that effect) since 8m viewers can’t be wrong. Sounds familiar? Earlier I did a piece criticising the Moyles and I got virtually a word-for-word comment from Qwerty 08 (see posting Is it just me or does this look like a pre-determined policy line for responding to any criticism of the saviour of Radio 1.

Now who do you suppose Qwerty 08 is? Could it be the Moyles himself and is he so insecure that he has to scour the internet looking for any critcism and responding to it with his ‘sh*t? – 8 million flies can’t be wrong’ response. If so that’s v sad. Or is it his agent/PR team or could it even be a BBC source protecting their prize ‘asset’? Who knows but it’s clearly someone very close to the great communicator.

Bet he doesn’t respond this time.


6 thoughts on “gaunty v the moyles

  1. i agree with you. today gaunt said he had slept with moyles mother live on air. then he said he has two young daughters and doesent like them to see or hear bad things.hipocryite. must have small man syndrome both of them.

  2. that’s so typical joseph of their childish little spat and gaunt’s double standards. how they don’t come in for wider criticism is a mystery to me.

  3. I’d love to know what Moyles has said to rile the pratt Gaunt. They’re both irritants of the highest order but at least Moyle’s doesn’t seem to think he’s some sort of capitlst standard bearer who should be running the country ‘cos he was brought up in a children’s home. His hipocrisy is astounding as is his high rajar figures. People are morons.

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