oh yeh gaunty?

I think I’m going to stop listening to John Gaunt on Talksport. I tend to listen in only because it runs through from the early morning Brazil show which is also quite reactionary but in a harmless/well-intentioned sort of way. JG’s more aggressively opinionated as I’ve said recently and it’s not to my taste. But this morning I heard him make a mess of some pronunciation and it made me smile.

It’s not exactly rib-tickling stuff; it’s more how he dealt with the situation that amused me. Firstly he gave out details of this phone-in competition from Dulux paints inviting the listeners to say who painted Sunflowers a)Paul Cezanne or b) Vincent van Goch. I didn’t say it was a stretching competition – this is Talksport after all – but it was a tad more challenging than the normal ‘who scored 3 goals for England in the ’66 World Cup? a) Geoff Hurst b)Randolph Hearst c)Patty Hearst’ kind of level.

Anyway JG mangled Cezanne’s name and wasn’t too hot on VvG either. Then he repeated it as he must have had a whisper from his producer over the correct pronunciation. He got it right of course the second time. That’s ok we all make mistakes. But within 15 minutes there was another bloody phone-in competition about a Frenchman appearing in the World Cup. I didn’t quite catch the question but the answer options were a) William Gallas or b) Laurent Blanc, which he distinctly pronounced Blank as in w*nk. Trust me he did it quite naturally and without a moment’s fore-thought. Within minutes he was reading out an e-mail from a listener reminding him it was pronounced ‘Blon’.

What does Gaunty do? Laugh off his genuine mistake (that would be 2nd mistake of course)? No, he tries to make out it was a deliberate joke on his part. No it wasn’t. I don’t really care but I hate it when people just can’t admit they got something wrong. I bet he was a lying little bugger as a kid. He was slightly annoyed by now that his mis-pronunciations (sorry deliberate attempts at humour) had been picked up and e-mailer and the next 2 blokes who called through were swiftly switched off the the airwaves, as they attempted to disagree with the not-so-jaunty Gaunty, with a dismissive ‘Go Away’.

The topic of conversation was also swiftly moved to ‘do northern girls look after themselves better than southern ones?’ as he cited Bet Lynch as a good example. Eh?..he must have been joking now because nobody with even poor eyesight could describe La Lynch as a well-preserved babe could they? A survivor possibly, but I too saw her interview with Piers Morgan the other night – I really need to get out more – and I just thought she looked like some has-been old drag artist. Oh yes very stimulating stuff. What a topic for a national radio station.

I switched off at this point. I couldn’t really tell if I was more annoyed at his shallowness, his pretence at humour, lack of honesty or because for two days he’s been going on and on about Coventry’s bloody win against the kids that Man U put out in the two-bob cup. Whatever, it’s been more like Talkcrap radio and I’m desperate for change. Is it just me?



6 thoughts on “oh yeh gaunty?

  1. No, jon gaunt is a stereotypical egotistical manche of our age. I don’t listen to talksport now during his air time. He believes he is right about everything and doesn’t even give any force to others opinions, he is a an adolescent in an obese mans body. I actually hate him, he is representative of main stream media and the kids of today. Talksport need to get rid of him. He is a pathetic human being.

  2. hi rob
    so it isn’t just me. hurrah! mind you in the radio tw*t of the year contest, it would be a close call between the Gaunt one and the ‘saviour’ Moyles.

  3. Now you know how upset Mr Moyles gets… he’ll be sending the boys round again.

    In the world of phone-ins Mr Gaunt obviously tries to emulate the style of R5 where they allow a polarising point of view to air first then deal with the enraged responses. Unfortunately, this requires a level of intellect to deal with the callers and keep the debate bouyant – sadly the Cov Boy doesn’t have the intelligence of a pair of Victoria Derbyshires discarded pants. (Ooh now theres a thought!)

    Chin Chin


  4. Hi everyone, I whooped for joy in my car today when I heard the good news of Gaunts demise.I new it would only be a matter of time,I listened most every day and sometimes wanted to phone in about a topic but this mans manner deterred me.
    He is,- overly self opinionated,arroGAUNT, and a rude and illmannered bully who backed his callers into wrong corners,his beligerant interuptions caused his callers to lose their train of thought.
    He certainly did need LESSONS in broadcasting.
    The breaking news of his fall has made my day,let that be the LESSON to him,- Cheers one and all!

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