rugby world cup; upset on the cards?

Great result for England last night and today it’s Wales’ and Scotland’s turns to qualify for the QF stages. Come on you Celts. After an indifferent start by the Home nations (make that crap in England’s case), the tournament is just brewing up nicely now. The only blemish is the form of Ireland who really do look out of sorts. Something’s not right in that camp. The match against Argentina will be really tough. If all clicks they could do it but all their key players have got to hit top from simultaneously you feel. But come on you Greens.

Does anybody fancy a bit of a WC upset in the remaining matches? Likely matches are:

OZ v England Who knows, could England have a barn-stormer and pull one out of the bag? It’s not impossible if JW’s fit.

NZ v Arg prob (sorry Ire) Can’t see that going against from

SAf v Wales I reckon this could get close. Come on Alf make it a memorable 100 up.

France (prob) v Scot Tough one against the home favourites but Scotland have been really canny in this tournament. If the Argies can, can the Scots. Why not?

So could we see Eng v NZ and Wales v Scot in the semis. Prob more likely Wal v France. But it’s getting intriguing. NZ v France looks like the realistic final forecast as it was 4 weeks ago but it’s a funny old game – sorry that’s football, this is predictable old rugby. But I’ve just a feeling (is it just me?) that the coming matches might throw up at least one surprise – with Andy Farrell scoring the winning try in the final? Sorry better go and lie down.


One thought on “rugby world cup; upset on the cards?

  1. well i said an upset might be on the cards but i didn’t really expect Fija to deliver it. what a game eh. I just sensed the last welsh try scorer (Williams?) should have put it nearer the posts when he had a clear opportunity to do so. the points difference psychologically might have been enough to tip it the welsh way. as it was the fijians just went up and scored but i thought they were actually looking for a penalty opportunity until the try possibility opened up.

    special mention for alf – that was one hell of a saving tackle late on. as good as JPR williams back in the 70’s.

    no shame today wales. that was far and away the best RWC match not just in this tournament but prob since NZ v France in ’99. good on yer.

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