prezza’s debut album

Well I can’t get this politician/album idea out of my mind now. So here’s John Prescott’s track list:

– Track 1 Street fighting man

– Track 2 Born to be wild

– Track 3 Wild thing

– Track 4 Lucky man

– Track 5 Crazy

– Track 6 Just can’t get enough

– Track 7 Addicted to love

– Track 8 Radio ga ga

– Track 9 Why does it always rain on me?

– Track 10 Should I stay or should I go?

– Track 11 Don’t look back in anger

– Track 12 Desperado

Can’t someone suggest some tracks for George Bush or David Cameron?



Blair and Brown cut duet album

I was reading in the Independent today that the President of Indonesia, one Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (top name!), has composed a whole album of romantic ballads, entitled My Longing for You. How cool is that? What’s more his anticipated opponent at the next General election, the former army chief General Wiranto, has also recorded an album. Now it got me thinking that we should have more of this in British politics. How much less bitter would it have been if Tony and Gordon had recorded an album of songs to celebrate their political fortunes over the last 12 years or so. It’d be a cracker ….

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heather mills mccartney

So HMM’s been hogging all the media attention this morning appearing on GMTV and Five 5 complaining about the fact that innaccurate media coverage has driven her to the verge of suicide. This apparently was the course she considered to protect her child (a bit odd) having received death threats. Having been told by the police to desist from calling the 999 service she has employed a private security firm to protect her and her daughter. Feeling more secure she is calling on Britain to stop buying tabloids. Comparing herself to Princess Diana and the McCanns she claims that she only appeared on Dancing with the Stars to pay her security bills and that she has never used the media to promote anything other than her charity work – apart from today presumably. Continue reading

spilling the beans

Have you caught the stuff in the press these last few days about those at the very top of our primary sports criticising each other? In the Sundays we saw both Lawrence Dallaglio and Mike Catt (both of whom I have lots of time for) criticising the England team manager Brain Ashton for his ineffective leadership during the RWC, in their autobiographies released now they have announced their retirements from the international game. This came on the heels of former England cricket team coach, Duncan Fletcher, announcing in his autobiography that his captain during the disastrous Ashes series, Freddy Flintoff, was irresponsibly pissed for much of the time. Continue reading

cooking (fmwddc), winter veg and soup

Haven’t had chance to do a cooking posting for ages. I think I was going to do one on the magnificent chicken but that’s getting a little ahead of things I reckon. So far we’ve just covered mashed potatoes and variations on that theme. So I thought we could just explore potatoes and other winter vegetables for a while. I think it might be good to explore major food staples pretty extensively before moving on.

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moyles going down

Did you see last week’s Rajar figures covering radio listening figures for Q3? Radio 2’s Wogan show was down around quarter of a million listeners, J Ross down around 200k and Radio 5 Live’s overall results the lowest for 7 years. So a bad day at the office for the increasingly pressured BBC. But nothing gave me a warmer feeling than to see that the self-proclaimed ‘saviour’ of Radio 1, old potato-head Moyles, had lost 280k listeners in a single quarter. He’s been on every day time chat-show around over the last couple of months too which makes me smile even more. For 3 months at least, every critic of his will be spared those late night messages from Qwerty 08 reminding us that farmers pants Moyles was attracting no less than 8M listeners to his Radio show and demanding that we ‘do the math’. Well you’re going to have to change that line CM. Over 7.71M listeners is still good but it’s not as snappy now eh Moylesey?


managerial sack race

Well I may not be 100% accurate with forecasting the outcome of major sporting events but in terms of managerial casualties I’m on a roll. Following Mourinho and Lee’s departure, this week also saw the departures of Jol and Staunton. Jol’s has been coming for a while of course. I did say pre-season that unless he’d got off to a flyer, he’d be under instant pressure having spent £40m in the summer.

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Sorry folks, haven’t been doing much blogging this week. I’ve had a lot of comments on this and other sites suggesting I was hacked off about the sports results that went against England/UK last weekend. Perhaps I was sulking, it was suggested. Well I admit I was disappointed but the fact is C’s mum Isobel passed away last Saturday evening after a difficult period of illness. C had to drive home alone form Lancaster the night of the RWC final, the result of which, you know, kind of faded into insignificance. Continue reading