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I got a really decent response to people reading my posting on the Deborah Ross interview with the Moyles in the weekend Independent so I thought I might do the occasional bit on any interesting features I might across in the paper. It just so happened that today’s edition had a couple of features that caught my eye and I couldn’t not let them go without sharing them. Do you like your news features to take you to another place? The second might just do that. The first…let’s just say it’s art Jim but not as we know it.

Intrigued? Well this was a small article (unfortunate expression) tucked away on page 23 in the world news section. It kind of made me do a double take – you know that whoa-was-that-for-real reaction you get when you’re skim-reading. Well here’s the piece and you’ve got to hand it to the guy:


I was going to say I hope you can see it ok but I meant I hope it comes out alright ooh er…this is like Carry on Dali.

I’m on firmer territory (just stop it) with the second feature; a fantastic journey across the USA by Stephen Webster. He made his money as a jeweller and bought himself a vintage ’59 Thunderbird. Loaned out to family and friends whilst he worked for a while in England, the T-bird’s condition inevitably deteriorated until a close friend shipped it back to New York to restore it. The project took 4 years and lots of dollars but it ended up in pristine condition. To celebrate the two friends decided to drive back across America from NY to Santa Monica, via Washington DC, Nashville, Memphis, Oklahoma City, picking up the old route 66 in Texas as they took in the Grand Canyon, Vegas, LA and his California coast home. It took them 9 days and the feature gives a short daily diary of the journey covering the highs and lows, pitstops (the car drank a lot of fluids – well as a 50 year old I think it was entitled) and a playlist of the great music they played en route – Roxy Music, Hendrix, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Van Morrison etc.

I know it’s a cliche but that’s the journey I’ve always fancied doing once in my life and in that car too. If you ever read this Steve and fancy a partner to drive back the other way, just give me a shout. But don’t expect me to be too chatty on the jewellery front.

You can get the Independent online to read the fuller feature – it’s worth it. I think it’s at

Are there any car journies more appealing than this? If you can top it let me know, won’t ya?


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