turkey a l’Orange

No not a recipe chaps for blokes who are useless at cooking but a TV ad from Orange. Traditionally they do some really interesting and innovative stuff but their latest one promoting a home broadband/landline service is just odd. Apparently they are spending £5m on a campaign to promote this service. I’m sure I also read that they’ve just replaced the head of their broadband team as they are really struggling on sales. I’m not sure if this ad’s the responsibility of the old or the new head but I wouldn’t bet on it turning things around.

What you see is a scene in a home, a living room with various members of the family (I guess) who suddenly start rearranging the furniture, carpeting etc into a, well, pile which is clearly meant to mean something. They then rearrange it another way as the strap-line comes up, ‘Home, it’s a great place to be’. Sure is, but what’s it got to do with Orange’s Broadband offering?

I’ve asked several people if they get it and none did. It’s been driving me nuts. So I googled Orange ad and there was the answer; the first thing they create from a sofa, rug and various pictures is a computer, dufus, it’s a broadband ad – get it? Ah. The second is an old-style telephone. Right. How slow-witted must I be eh? Well that’s going to make me rush out and change my BB supplier and phone service provider. We haven’t stopped rearranging our furniture ever since. Last night we re-created a winning lottery ticket out of all the things on our bookshelves. Tonight we are creating a brand new X5 from stuff out of the larder and fridge.

I’m truly, madly, deeply in awe of the agency guy who sold this turkey in to the O marketing team. 10 for enterprise and selling technique but just 1 for the ad itself and that’s only because my mum used to have a circular rug like they use in the ad. Bizarre. Is is just me or do you like it?


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