just for brian

I had a fascinating lunch with my former boss and good friend Brian and lovely wife and also friend/ex-boss Sheila recently. We started at the 7th floor restaurant at Tate Modern, got half way through and had to leave it because of a fire alarm and evacuation. Because there was no sign of an early return, we wrote that lunch off and headed next door to the Globe theatre restaurant for part II, the cheese Bard. It was lovely to catch up guys and thank you B for picking up the tab. Some of you may recall the earlier blog about in-car entertainment; 3rd naming. It was all about my fascination with the crap names they sometimes bestow on cars. Brian came up with the Nissan named Cedric after Little Lord Fauntleroy. Now there may have been some healthy scepticism about something as preposterous as that but yesterday the Independent did a feature on the car named by the President of Nissan personally. Great contribution B and a fascinating feature on a car described as ‘tastefully muted Americana’ at IndyNews@inUK.co.uk (motoring section) if you’re interested.



2 thoughts on “just for brian

  1. Strewth! Les rostbifs beat the Aussies! Whodathunkit? Good job England … now if only Scotland can pull an even more unlikely result tomorrow. Actually it’s been a pretty good period for Scottish sport, real football at least, what with latest results for Celtic, Rangers and Scotland.

    Great to see you in London Paul – apologies for the delay in posting. Been back 2 weeks and seems like 10 with all the c**p at work. Enjoyed visit on many levels, actually about the longest time spent just in London since we moved here 10 years ago. Quite the buzz about the town these days, but it would be nice if the place wasn’t so full of construction sites; the price of progress I guess.

    Saw JCC as well and he sends regards.
    More later

  2. cheers b

    sorry, been away from the blog for a few days with family stuff. work etc. sorry about the scot/arg result but prob the right outcome all things considered. you’re storming the football world anyway at the moment.

    looking forward to catching up again soon

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