150; 5000; 100,000

I wrote in an earlier posting about my fascination with numbers and the particular pleasure I derive from seemingly random cases of precise numbering (you’d better go read ‘figure this’ under the travel category for an explanation). Well this week the above sequence of numbers popped into my view. As Rolf Harris’s accountant might have said, can you tell what the numbers refer to yit? It would be nice to think that they are sterling figures for my consultancy services – hourly rate, typical monthly fee and this year’s earnings. More accurately it could be number of creditors, typical monthly credit card bill and total debts. I jest of course. We owe lots more than that.

Ha! Get out of here, I’m joking right. Actually it’s a conceit on my part because the sequence actually refers to this blogsite – 150 is the number of postings I’ve now, well, posted; 5000 is the number of visitors who’ve now, well, visited Pasta Paulie’s blog and 100,000 just happens to be the number of words I’ve, well, written, so far on those rants, recollections and random ravings. And recipes! That seems like an awful lot of words but as I’ve admitted a couple of times, the secret is that I’m full of this sh*t.

I’m really grateful for three things:

1) for all those people who have come along to the site and read one or more pieces – indeed I know several of you have even been here more than once. Thank you all. And I’m especially grateful to those few brave souls who have actually left messages from time to time and lived to tell the tale. I’m actually thinking of issuing commemorative medals to Charlie Cranium, Perry Groves’ Old Boots, Pat, Mike, Gill and Brian for providing comments above and beyond the call of duty and friendship. Thanks guys.

2) KG for having the faith to back me on this – brilliant company, go check their website (right hand column) and Pat for getting me going and dealing with an endless stream of my stupid dufus questions.

3) this is in danger of beginning to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech but I’m grateful too to WordPress for providing several things – the template, the overall blog management but most of all for providing a bloody word-counter! You didn’t think I went back and counted all those words did you?

Not that self-absorbed pp

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