le ross v le moyles

I’m not sure why I’ve reverted to French there in the headline. But tonight the Moyles was a guest on the Jonathan Ross show. He was the sandwich filling between A1-ish Hollywood film stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Ewan Mcgregor, and his motor bike mate. Now I don’t normally watch JR; I don’t find his sense of fun/talent to be worth anything like £18m of licence payers’ money to be honest. Is it just me? I know this sounds like I don’t like anybody at the BBC but that’s simply not true. There are many great presenters, and I’ll get back to you with my list.

But as to tonight’s prog. Did you see it? Was it not a virtual facsimile of the Deborah Ross interview in the Independent last weekend (see ‘Debby does Moyles’ posting)? He came on, he was toyed with by le Ross who was briefed obviously to talk about his ‘saviour’ role on Radio 1 and, of course, the 8m listeners (yawn) but relished in the references to his weight and sad photos of his early days on the station when he looked a complete prick. There was an early reference to the book CM had obviously come on to plug but it was brushed over distainfully by JR. There was a sad little end piece which looked under-rehearsed where CM was waiting for an open invitation to chez Ross but it never actually came from JR’s lips. Nor did the title of the book. It seems like nobody wants to promote it beyond potato head himself.

I’m going to have to check out his prog tomorrow, if he’s on of course, to listen to his spin on how it went. JR made him look like an insignificant cheeky, fat 4th former to his head boyship. Maybe one day C you’ll wear the special tie but will they find one long enough to go round that fat neck?


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