yet another momentous sporting week-end

Well this is a very quick posting as I’ve been away doing my grandad stuff with my fabulous g’lads and have had no opportunity to catch up since last Friday. We listened to Eng v Australia on the car radio driving down to Brighton. What a game and result. That late Aussie (failed) kick for the win was worse on the radio I can assure you. What a time to pull a result and a performance out. Who played below par for England? Nobody; simply superb. NZ v France was equally enthralling, it has to be admitted and aren’t we glad it’s two N hemis teams in this semi? Well I am.

Scot v Arg was a good match too but the spirit’s with Argentina and I hope they can march on to the final and showdown with the big E. That would be poignant.

So Man U hit the goal vein. Oh yes. Winning beautifully for a few matches would be nice now. Millwall sack their manager, no surprise but can they prise Teddy S from Colchester? JP wouldn’t be happy I suspect. Ballack declared yesterday he’d like to end his career at Chelsea. And why not, Shevchenko has already achieved it. Simon Jordan says that he and Neil Warnock are a dream ticket at the Palace. Two outspoken characters: one from the south; one from the people’s republic of Yorkshire. It’ll be a dream alright for at least the next 7 weeks until t’ f*cking interference starts from Jordan (aka Wottie Price?) and t’rot sets in and t’next changing of t’guard takes f*cking place.

Scottish football’s on an incredible up-curve after the disastrous flirtation with shirty Berti Vogts. I’m becoming convinced by the argument for committed managers having an affinity with their team. I don’t believe now that you can just plonk even the greatest manager into an alien environment and expect him to deliver unless he feels at one with his setting.

Pity about Lewis Hamilton but that was a shocking tactical performance from the Mclaren team, so they deserved it. Big it up for my mate JW at Toro Rosso for getting both drivers in the points – a team coming of age. Just do it this w/e Lewis for England.

And in cricket we won an overseas one day series. F*ck me. We should enter a team in the World (ha!) Series of baseball quick. Come on Freddy, you’d probably be a genius at it.



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