Dynasty – it’s over

Well you know me, I hate to crow but deep down I like it when  a forecast comes true. I wrote about the end of the Ming dynasty following his  performance at the Lib Dem party conference. He looked old, irrelevant and just out of his time – the nearest thing to a dead man walking in the current political scene. See posting on 22 Sept. My only reservation was whether the young turks in the LD’s would have the ruthlessness to finish him off. Well with their usual decisiveness, it’s taken a month and  a postponed election to get them to administer the slow poison. Well he fell on his own sword tonight rather than  await his inevitable demise. This party will never learn how to appeal to a young dynamic audience will it? Is  it just me? Just call yourselves the  Mildly Angry Radicals. Ruthless ? More like hopeless.



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