moyles going down

Did you see last week’s Rajar figures covering radio listening figures for Q3? Radio 2’s Wogan show was down around quarter of a million listeners, J Ross down around 200k and Radio 5 Live’s overall results the lowest for 7 years. So a bad day at the office for the increasingly pressured BBC. But nothing gave me a warmer feeling than to see that the self-proclaimed ‘saviour’ of Radio 1, old potato-head Moyles, had lost 280k listeners in a single quarter. He’s been on every day time chat-show around over the last couple of months too which makes me smile even more. For 3 months at least, every critic of his will be spared those late night messages from Qwerty 08 reminding us that farmers pants Moyles was attracting no less than 8M listeners to his Radio show and demanding that we ‘do the math’. Well you’re going to have to change that line CM. Over 7.71M listeners is still good but it’s not as snappy now eh Moylesey?



3 thoughts on “moyles going down

  1. I saw him interviewed on Jonathon Ross… zero charisma. I was absolutely gobsmacked. His morning show IS funny but he is more the grumpy old man to the team who keep him floating. It’s interesting that they’ve extended his hours by starting him at 6.30am now… even more interesting that his guests today openly laughed when he used the ‘saviour of the BBC’ tag line. Radio 2 on Saturdays rocks my socks. The BBC should be looking to doing more of the comedy and dj’s who have a genuine love of music, rather than ego-maniacs who are more interested in chat than playing records… oops… I mean cds šŸ˜‰

    Thanks for that… intelligent opinion put in an intelligent way and a true pleasure to have visited your blog today.

  2. Hi n
    completely agree with you about CM and his fellow ego maniacs. he is full of himself when he ought to be full of the music, which is what we are good at.

    but what do i know eh? at least 280k more people saw the light this last quarter.

    you’re right n; he was totally over-shadowed by JR who does know how to be praiseworthy. all CM does on his show is make the little guy look so small, whilst he fawns on his celebrity guests – even if they are in desperate need of being brought down to size.

    he could be so good but just continues to act like a spoiled child

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