Blair and Brown cut duet album

I was reading in the Independent today that the President of Indonesia, one Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (top name!), has composed a whole album of romantic ballads, entitled My Longing for You. How cool is that? What’s more his anticipated opponent at the next General election, the former army chief General Wiranto, has also recorded an album. Now it got me thinking that we should have more of this in British politics. How much less bitter would it have been if Tony and Gordon had recorded an album of songs to celebrate their political fortunes over the last 12 years or so. It’d be a cracker ….

Themed along a time-line covering the 4 main periods in their careers, I reckon the tracks would pick themselves:

Pre-Granita days

Track 1 Cheek to cheek

Track 2 Beauty and the beast

Track 3 The way we were


Track 4 As time goes by

Track 5 It had to be you

Track 6 Do you really want to hurt me?

Track 7 Theme from Shaft

The Tony Years

Track 8 Tainted love

Track 9 Where did our love go?

Track 10 Stormy weather

Track 11 I’ve had the time of my life

Gordon’s time

Track 12 Don’t rain on my parade

Track 13 Up where we belong

Track 14 Golden Brown

What do you reckon? The Xmas no 1? Let me know if you can think of better tracks or tracks for other politicians maybe. Prescott’s theme tune has gotta be Johnny B Goode hasn’t it?



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