heather mills mccartney

So HMM’s been hogging all the media attention this morning appearing on GMTV and Five 5 complaining about the fact that innaccurate media coverage has driven her to the verge of suicide. This apparently was the course she considered to protect her child (a bit odd) having received death threats. Having been told by the police to desist from calling the 999 service she has employed a private security firm to protect her and her daughter. Feeling more secure she is calling on Britain to stop buying tabloids. Comparing herself to Princess Diana and the McCanns she claims that she only appeared on Dancing with the Stars to pay her security bills and that she has never used the media to promote anything other than her charity work – apart from today presumably.

Is it just me or is she completely delusional? Just a mass of contradictions and self-absorption. Nobody gives a frig for her situation. She craves media attention when it serves her purpose but she resents it when it becomes intrusive. Well as with Diana and the McCanns I don’t think you can have it both ways. If you seek to use the media to promote your ends then it will feed off you too. As for asking the nation to stop buying the Sun etc, is she for real? They’ll probably sell more today because of her bleating. She really is an odd-ball. I’ve also never known anyone support so many causes. Some of the things she’s associated with:

– amputees, anti land-mines, eat more vegetables, don’t buy foie gras, responsible journalism, protecting dogs and cats in China, anti pig cruelty, animal welfare, anti seal hunting, anti dog and cat fur, protecting Darfur and so on.

How on earth does she find the time? Oh that’s right she doesn’t really do anything except get her lawyers to issue statements to the effect that she’s not a goldigger, nor former porn star (it was a sex manual!), nor call-girl for wealthy Arab businessmen, nor attempting to secure a clause in the divorce settlement allowing her to write a tell-all book on her marriage to Paul. These are all fabrications put out by a ‘certain corner’ in the red top press to discredit her.

Yeh, yeh yeh.



2 thoughts on “heather mills mccartney

  1. yep i’d agree os. he married her after all. why wouldn’t he just bung her whatever to frig off? it’s only going to touch the sides of his wealth let’s face it. all this public squabbling is so yawnable.

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