ant and dec: shock 3 times winners in tv vote

A bit of a cynical headline I guess but 3 more gongs for the unlikely lads at the National Television Awards the other night. I’m sure the voting was all above board this time because they are just everybody’s favourite presenters aren’t they? All that talent, so little height. If ever there was a misnomer for an event it has to be the NTA don’t you think?

Popular entertainment awards maybe. When Dr Who wins 2 awards, Top Gear 2 (albeit one recognition award – that’s a euphemism for son o’ t’Yorkshire gong – for Clarkson) and the annual derby match was Corrie 1 – Eastenders 2, you know it’s a limited field. Catherine Tate gets an award for best Comedy series 3 years after it was deserved – but when Little Britain hogs it for umpteen years you’d better wait your turn love. Obviously she wasn’t that bovvered as she wasn’t there to collect. Oh and Simon Cowell et al won the award for most popular talent show with X Factor. Now that was a shock given that he has a virtual monopoly on the genre with the exception of the camp-fest ADWD from old rubber face.

Where are the Life on Earth programmes, great news/current programmes, brilliant sports coverage, challenging documentaries, classic dramas (not involving Nick Berry nor Martin Clunes) etc? Er nowhere. Check out the TV Baftas for those I guess. Except they’re overblown with a tendency to luvvie-recognition. Why did Soccer AM never win a prestigious award? Because it’s on Sky? What about the Sopranos for frig’s sake, are we seriously saying that dramatically, Dr Who is better than that? And what about Tim Marlow and his insightful yet unfussy commentaries on art (on C5!!) or Kevin McCloud’s fascinating programme, Grand Designs? Or James May enduring long hours in a 2-seater car and wine lessons from that prick Oz Clarke? I know people will say I’m the prick for enjoying such pretentious stuff. But I can’t be alone in enjoying some of these slightly narrower interest programmes can I? And Soccer AM is hardly high brow, though it has consistently been the best unheralded natural comedy programme for years.

So I’m going to be launching the PastaPaulie blog awards on the good, the bad and the ugly TV moments and programmes shortly. Watch this space for an announcement on categories – and panel vote on nominations. If you’d like to be a panellist please shout.


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