chris hutchings and november

Well another of my pre-season managerial casualties came true when Chris Hutchings lost his job at Wigan yesterday. I don’t think anybody was too surprised at his departure. I was more surprised at his appointment to be honest. Yet another decent no 2 fails to make the grade as No 1. What did surprise me about Hutchings’ sacking was that he has twice succeeded Paul Jewell at Bradford and Wigan and he was sacked on both occasions after 12 games in charge on November 6 2000 and Nov 3 this time around. Spooky eh? He must look forward to bonfire night as much as the noise abatement society. Poor sod. It makes Sir Alex Ferguson’s 21st anniversary today as manager of Man U all the more remarkable.

Who’s going to replace Hutchings – Pearce, Souness, Jewell again? Would any of them really want it? surely Pewarce has found his dream job at the FA, Souness turned down Bolton a bigger club you’d assume and why would Jewell want to go back? He’s destined for Boro isn’t he? There is some interesting talk about Paul Ince taking over which would make him the first black manager I think in the Premiership. He’d certainly bring some character to the Division and it’d be a welcome change for a rising young English manager to get the chance at the top level. Let’s hope he gets the chance.



6 thoughts on “chris hutchings and november

  1. Hi PP

    First black manager in the Premiership? I have a feeling that the honour went to Jean Tigana at Fulham and Ruud Gullit at Chelsea/Newcastle. Would certainly make him the first balck English manager though I suspect.

    Happy to be proven wrong in either of these.

    Pip pip


  2. ah of course pgob.

    i was honestly thinking of english guys – a cluster have made it into management here, mostly at places like stockport, macclesfield and torquay but never at more senior clubs. you’re right, the Premiership has attracted the glamorous, sexy guys from abroad.


  3. Incey will be the first Black England Manager. It’s the Fergie factor, instant kudos if you played for Ferguson. How many current managers can you count that once played for Sir Alex?

  4. hi d

    i’ve given up with england football – the whole thing is rotten with ineffectiveness and cynicism – and i’m not giving it any more emotional investment.

    i’m thinking of supporting an international team which is untainted by mal- administration and social problems and which doesn’t put winning at all costs and the chase of money ahead of decency and responsibility. think i’ll plump for italy….


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