only croatia again

Don’t know if you’ve heard the World Cup qualifying draw as yet but England have only gone and drawn Croatia again as the no 1 seed in our group, alongside Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the mighty Andorra. As it’s a 6 team group we even get a chance to qualify as one of the best runners-up. That’s alright. With a proper manager in control, we should reverse the results against Croatia and qualify relatively easily this time. He says…

Not such good news for Scotland who are in a 5 team group and have to win it. Their top seed is Holland and the others are Norway, Iceland and Macedonia. That’s a tough group I reckon but Scotland could just do it. Another change in the manager could have an unsettling effect though I suspect. Wales are in a group with Germany, Russia and Finland and I can see them not doing it yet again. N Ireland have to get past the Czech Rep and Poland – daunting but not impossible – whilst the Rep of Ireland have another tough ask to get past Italy, Georgia and Cyprus. A runners up spot should be achievable with an new inspirational/pragmatic manager at the helm.

So all in all not too bad. Once again Scotland draw the short straw but they’ll relish the challenge. Any new manager for England will think his luck’s in with that draw I’m sure. Bilic won’t be so happy I’m sure but he’ll be managing Birmingham City or Aston Villa by then no doubt…..ooh.

I wonder how many liggers from the FA had to be present for the draw in S Africa? Barwick was there, of course, and I’m sure I heard that serial post collector Dave Richards was in the delegation too but I bet there were others from the international committee and PRs, junior officials too. I’d like to know what their roles were out there wouldn’t you and how much the jaunt cost overall? Let’s get some clarity on all these FA costs eh! Especially since we no longer had a reason to speak to people about arrangements for Euro 2008 and having thrown away somewhere between £3-5m paying off McClaren, Venables and crew this week. What’s the betting they’re blowing another £30k with this junket? And it could all be done via internet/videoconferencing. But that wouldn’t suit the blazers would it….



2 thoughts on “only croatia again

  1. yep true o

    and if nothing else the past week ought to have taught me to have more humility.

    i know it sounds like i’m talking like the typically chauvinistic england fan but our team comprises several of the most decent players in the world. it’s just that under macclaren they played like boy scouts. surely, surely a decent manger can get them to play to a system and to their strengths? if so, they ought to qualify methinks.

    but who knows now. at least i feel good about just beating andorra

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