billy no mates

Well the final one of my pre-season forecasts for the Premiership managerial chop, Billy Davies, lost his job at Derby today. No big surprise; Derby are adrift at the bottom of the league and Davies has been talking himself out of a job (and into a pay-off) for weeks. He’s been ranting in the media about the lack of quality at the club and the need for at least 6 new players ie blaming the board for a lack of investment. Bye Bye Billy.

Made me think a bit. Is Kevin Keegan the only manager in recent football history to admit he wasn’t up to the job and to resign from his role (as England manager at the time), walking away without a pay-off? I cannot genuinely think of any other manager doing similarly and I’m not counting the guys like Ian Holloway or Steve Bruce who have resigned from one job because they have another, usually bigger or more lucrative, lined up to walk into. I’m not saying they’re wrong to do that but I’m just wondering if KK’s was the last truly honest act by a football manager?

Useless and incompetent McClaren would still be there now if they hadn’t prised him out with that £2.5M cheque in his back pocket. What’s the betting that umbrella man turns up at Derby County next week?



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