nov’s over

Well that’s nearly November over. Interesting month; C’s mum Isobel passed away towards the end of last month and we scattered some of her ashes and interred the rest just recently. Had my 55th bithday. Where on earth is time slipping away? Still no news from the bank re the UK house sale. Hey ho. C&I made a flying visit to our home in Italy and harvested the olives and got the oil processed and pruned half the trees. Loved that, molto bene. Our main car’s engine packed up as did our cooker element on the rayburn just yesterday. Deep joy. England lost out in the Euro 2008 qualifications but I picked up two major clients in football and cricket for my sponsorship consultancy. Didn’t see enough of my family nor friends but had lovely meal with C&K and looking forward to seeing L&S tonight and G&M, J&D and M&J shortly. Life could be a lot worse.

So what’s the point of this posting? Well it’s just to say that I’ve just done my 200th posting and November was also the month I passed 2000 visitors for the first time on the blog. Thank you so very much everyone who came by. That’s way over 8600 visitors to the site overall since May which is staggering to be honest and I’m looking forward now to seeing if we can get past the 10,000 mark. Imagine that. I don’t know how these things work. I see lots of blogsites which consist of nothing more than pictures of cats (lolcats, whatever they frigging are) with sunglasses on which attract huge numbers of visitors. Tens of thousands of visitors per cute/mindless picture. Is that interesting? I don’t know. I just write about stuff I see, read, hear and feel and it ends up on the blog, and it attracts a fantastic (to me) readership. So thank you again.

I’m sure I could/should have focused on the Italian stuff or football or ads or cooking to achieve any sense of continuing storyhood but you know me, full of sh*t about most things I feel strongly about. So I rant on about every one of life’s annoyances but just occasionally I’ll redeem things, I hope, with a rare complementary piece on a person, ad, act of friendship, bit of business, great sporting moment, touch of humanity etc. I hope I’m not turning completely into the archetypal grumpy old f**ker. I also know that I write uninterestingly for most of the time. Yesterday I added a photo of my watch to a piece. I’m sure I had reason for doing so but re-reading the post made me realise I’d forgotten what it was. There’s this stupid picture, sitting there in the middle of the piece, adding nothing. You must criticise me when I do this.

If it’s rubbish, just comment freely. I might just say tough sh*t but who cares eh?

Thanks for checking in folks. Please don’t be afraid to pass on the link to to your friends. I think I could have used slightly easier language back there…



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