so more not less, wes eh?

I’m just listening to the Man U v Fulham match on the radio. Man U 2-0 up and seemingly coasting to victory. Two goals from Ronanldo who’s added, what, 12 goals in 11 games now? And they said he’d never repeat last year’s scoring achievements. At this rate and in this form he could well exceed them. He’s that special. Anyway my mind was wandering a bit and I was thinking of this football snippet I saw over the weekend. It was a little piece which reported that Man U’s Wes Brown had rejected a new offer from the club of £50k per week on a 4 year deal.

Now is it just me or are values in football going completely bloody mad? It didn’t say that he was fed up with not getting an automatic starting place in the Utd team (he should be so lucky) but that he was unhappy with the terms……F**k me Wes. If it’s true then you must be a complete and utter toss pot. It’s not like you are an indispensible member of the team. A good, solid squad player capable of playing in 3 of the back 4 positions, yes, and occasional appearances for England. Your club, the most attractive possibly in world football, are offering you the chance to remain with your home town team at a basic salary of £2.5m per annum with a guaranteed contract for 4 years beyond your current one. In case the abacus is broken I’ll do the maths for you: that’s a contracted £10m for you Wes, to play from time to time for the greatest club side in world football, probably.

So what’s the beef son, has Big Sam been whispering sweet nothings in your ear about playing regularly for Newcastle (like Nicky Butt no doubt -loaned out to Birmingham after a few months!) or maybe you fancy hooking up with Phil Neville at Everton and play in a council house of a stadium? Or you could sign for Mark Hughes at Blackburn or Gareth Southgate at Boro’ (they like ex Man U players) maybe and play in front of 18,000 people rather than 76,000. Of course in every case you can kiss goodbye to playing against Real Madrid or AC Milan or Barcelona in the Champions league too.

Yeh go do that son and watch your career nosedive faster than the shares of Newcastle’s shirt sponsors. Read the blog and tell me Wes that the story’s a fabrication and if offered these terms you’d accept them with the grace and speed of a DB9 (you can probably understand that terminology) and redeem my faith in footballers’ inner values. Come on son, tell me the truth.


ps I read today 19 April that Wes Brown has now signed a new deal accepting the £50k pw that was on offer, making him one of the mid-range of earners at Old Trafford. Very wise Wes even though it took you (or your dufus agent) all this time to see sense.


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