behind schedule

I’m now regretting giving myself a target of 50 new postings on the blog during December. It’s the 7th today and I’ve done 8 so far. Given the distractions later in the month and work commitments now turning heavy (hoorah!), I need to be doing at least 2 a day to keep pace with the challenge (oops). So I need to write 6 postings tonight just to keep up with the pack. Ooh er. If only I had dozens of interesting strings of thoughts going on in my head. But it’s Friday night and I’ve had a couple of glasses of very chilled white wine….

I could of course just forget the whole thing – I mean like who’s counting and who cares? Well I do. It’s a bit like giving up smoking. There was a time when if the mind’s argument for not doing so was plausible, I’d fall for it. So bugger it, I’ll do the challenge. Maybe some of the postings will be  a bit thin on the ground in terms of wordage (what’s all those hats in the air I see?) but I promise I shalln’t resort to pictures of a cat/puppy/newborn hamster wearing a  baseball cap  saying  ‘I can haz doodosity tu’. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about just f**king google ‘lolcats’. Millions of Americans seem to be obsessed with such deep, meaningful crap. Is it just me or are there lots of empty lives  out there?

I can haz pwopper forts u no.

I promise that’s the last time I’ll go to that lolcats language place.


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