Clothes Show and birmingham

I had a really good day today up at the NEC to see the Clothes Show with our clients Haymarket Publishing who put the whole event together. It’s a total girl’s day out to be frank but hey, even I enjoyed the experience. The main catwalk show is just brilliant. A very clever mix of models and dancers who put on a great performance. I know the 99.2% female audience were rooting for the great looking fellahs on the runway but 3 grizzled old male gits were smitten by the truly beautiful girls and Caprice’s lingerie collection was more than alright…

The organisers were good enough to sort us VIP passes. We met the senior guy who was charming and mingled with many of their key presenters and guests during lunch – Brendan Courtney, Caryn Franklin, who looked elegant, Gok Wan from the massively successful How to look Good Naked, and the BB8 twins Samantha and Amanda. There were a few quizzical looks being cast towards the fat lads corner but I don’t care. Actually I expected a bit of diva-ness but everyone was just friendly and relaxed and enthusiastic. I was quite surprised to be honest.

We’ve got some hard work ahead getting the sponsorship proposition to be truly compelling – the highlight elements of the show are great but there’s a huge trade side which needs to be really thought through from a sponsor’s perspective. I’m not a fan of the NEC but it’s certainly big enough and well-positioned nationally to host the event. That said it’s a sexy, exciting opportunity for Sponsorfinder (check out the blog link) and we’re determined to deliver some innovative partner solutions. It was great for we 3 Directors to catch up too – we operate as a company without cost overheads so most communications are online, over the phone etc. Today we worked through so much clear thinking stuff it was great.

My wife C spent the day in Birmingham getting Xmas shopping done. From past experience we know it’s a really good centre, less mad and more concentrated than London. I was amazed what Carol got done in a few hours.

So all in all a tremendously productive day and that’s 3 more postings sorted tonight too. woo hoo.



3 thoughts on “Clothes Show and birmingham

  1. yeh i know.

    i’m married with 3 grown-up daughters so a lot of my grown up life has been spent outside shoe shops shifting my weight from one foot to the other and back again. I’m England’s gold medal hope in the people-watching olympics – i’ve turned it into an art form over the years outside those shops.


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